Friday, November 16, 2007

Rough times!

Well, let me tell you, this last week has been filled with more Dr appts then I know what to do with! Between Kyler and mommy we should have definitely hit our deductible by now!! It all started last Thursday when I took Kyler to his 2 year well child check up. Everything was going well, until the Dr came in! When he saw Kyler's height (36 inches-67%ile) compared to his weight (23 lbs-less then 5%ile) he was a little concerned. I told him the kid eats like a horse, but he still wants me to try to get some more calories into him-wish me luck! Dr. Palacio then proceeded to check his boy parts. Again, he became concerned. Apparently one of Kyler's testicles is larger then the other and it could possibly be a hernia. He told me to keep a very close eye on them. Great-just what every mother wants to do-keep a close eye on her son's testicles! But, being the good mommy that I am-I did. On Sunday night, one of his testicles became huge so I called the Dr's emergency number and they told me to call Dr P in the morning. I did and of course Dr P was gone so we saw the Nurse Practitioner. She thought it was a hernia and that we needed to see a Pediatric Surgeon immediately. Well, apparently immediately was Dec 3rd! That total freaked me out! His poor little testicle continued to grow so I called the Dr back and they were able to get us in to see a surgeon on Thursday (11/15). She took one look at his testicle and said he has what is called a Communicating Hydrocele. This is much better than a hernia. A hydrocele is when there is fluid in the testicle that shouldn't be there. He does have to have surgery to repair it, but the hydrocele is not supposed to be painful and it is in an in-patient/out-patient surgery. It will probably be harder on mommy then on Kyler! I was quite to relieved to learn that, one-I wasn't going crazy and there really was something wrong and two-that it is relatively easy to fix and it is not hurting him right now. I am sure it is uncomfortable though! Kyler is currently scheduled to have surgery on December 7th so please keep him (and me!) in your thoughts and prayers that day.

On another note, I had to make an emergency run to Wesley Hospital on Tuesday night. That afternoon something started leaking and when I called the Dr, her nurse told me to go to the hosptial to make sure it wasn't amniotic fluid. After much drama, we found out it was not amniotic fluid after all and all is well. My story wasn't nearly as fun as Kyler's now was it!

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