Thursday, November 1, 2007

Twick o' Tweet

As you can see from the pictures Kyler was a baby Giraffe for Halloween. Ever since we went to the zoo this summer and saw the baby Giraffe he has been obsessed. I thought the costume would be a good choice. He didn't mind the costume to much. He probably could have done without the hood part but the outfit just wouldn't have been complete without it!

This year Kyler got his money's worth out of his Halloween costume. On Sunday night we did Trunk or Treat at our church (sorry no pics-mommy forgot the camera.) Kyler and mommy went around to different car trunks and got candy while daddy stayed in our car trunk and passed out candy.

On Monday afternoon Kyler and mommy went to the Halloween costume party at Parents as Teachers. There were a ton of kids there so it was a little overwhelming to both of us but he did let me get in a few pics.

Then on Wednesday night Kyler and mommy went to Reading Grade School for their Halloween party and then went on to my mom and dad's house. Don't worry we didn't leave Cody at home to fend for himself-he was heading to California for his own Halloween fun-or work-whichever. On Halloween night grandma, grandpa, and I took Kyler around to a few houses in Carbondale. Kyler did very good and even said Twick o Tweet and Thank You to most of the houses that we went to. After about an hour he was done and pretty much fell asleep in Grandpa's arms.

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