Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kyler Update

Well, Kyler has been having a bit of a rough time lately. On Sunday night we ended up in Immediate Care because Kyler was running a 102 temp, lethargic, was having a difficult time breathing, and wouldn't eat or drink anything. After lots of x-rays they determined that he was extremely constipated. They considered admitting him to get some fluids into him, but luckily they let us go home and work on getting the bowel out. After an enema and some Miralax he finally emptied some of that stuff out. By the morning he had had 7 dirty diapers. I should also mention that during this time anything he ate or drank he threw right back up. The Dr said that was because he had no where else for it to go since he was so constipated. We headed to Dr. P's office on Monday for some more x-rays to make sure all of the bowel was out. Apparently it wasn't so it was back home to try to empty it all out. Luckily all it took was some apple juice. On Tuesday he finally ate some lunch and for dinner he wanted pancakes, so he got them. That was when the real fun started. Now instead of constipation we are dealing with diarrhea. Kyler hasn't really ever had that issue so this is all new to me. We have to take a bath with every diaper and that is tricky because we can't soak his incision. Now he has some stool in his incision and I am having a very tricky time cleaning that out. Kyler isn't real thrilled about it either! Hopefully this will clear up tonight or tomorrow and we will be back to normal. Please keep K-man in your thoughts and prayers.
What would a post be without some pics! These are some pics of Kyler with his huge balloon bouquet from Grandma and Grandpa Smith. I usually am very picky about Kyler having pants on but we were leaving for a wedding and I noticed there was food on them so I had to wash them real quick. Kyler was probably quite comfy without pants on though!

On another note, I am also asking for some more prayers for my good friend Rebecca Schultz and her family. Her father passed away very suddenly on Sunday and it has been quite rough on her and her family. The funeral is on Saturday so please be thinking about them. Kake news did a brief article on Becca's dad. To check it out click on the following link:

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