Friday, December 7, 2007

Kyler's Big Day

Our day started off quite early this morning. We had to leave for the hospital around 6am. I was a little nervous because Kyler could not eat or drink anything and he HAS to have his milk or juice in the morning. He actually did really well until we got to the hospital. As I was getting him out of the car he seemed to realize that he had not had his juice and just started screaming for it. We got him calmed down and got all checked in and everything and then he went potty with mommy. On the way back to the waiting room he saw the candy and pop machines and we lost it again. We couldn't leave the candy machines or he screamed and totally disturbed everyone. So mommy and Kyler set in front of the candy machine and discussed what was in it for like an hour. Good times!
We finally got called up to the Pediatric Ambulatory Surgery Unit (PASC)where we met a whole bunch of different doctors and nurses (all who were very nice by the way). About 30 minutes before they took Kyler back they gave him some "magic juice" that was supposed to relax him. Boy did that work! After about 15 minutes he was slurring his words and leaning to one side. He looked like a little drunk 2 year old! He was very happy though! He didn't even cry when I left his side-I did though!

As most of you know, we initially went in because Kyler had what was called a "Communicating Hydrocele." A hydrocele is a collection of fluid in the scrotal sac of male infants that drains downward from the abdominal cavity. Luckily, it is not painful, but it does make one testicle look huge at times and small at other times because the fluid goes up and down. The only way to correct this is through surgery. When they got in there they discovered that Kyler also had one testicle that had not descended. That was a bit of a surprise. But since there was so much fluid in there it was sort of hidden. He ended up having what is called an "Orchidopexy" operation. He is pretty drugged and they said to keep him that way until Saturday evening or Sunday. They had to make one incision in his abdomen to drain out the fluid and tie off the tube and they had to make another incision in his scrotum. The surgery itself took about an hour and then he was in recovery for about 30 minutes. Then we got to go back and hold him. We were about to leave the hospital around noon. He is doing pretty good tonight. He is playing with his "Bye-bye's" right now and will be heading to bed in just a bit. His incision is quite bloody and his boy parts are all black and blue and swollen. He is having a very hard time laying down and pulling himself up but all in all he is doing pretty well. Hopefully tonight won't be to rough on him and he'll be moving a little better tomorrow. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

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