Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

This is the new Crash and Go speedway.

Check out that adorable grin!

This year Cody, Kyler and I celebrated Christmas at home. Usually we head to my folks house and then to my Grandparents house near Topeka. However, since it is so close to my due date I didn't feel very comfortable driving that far (plus my Dr said no way). Knowing my luck I would go into labor on the Turnpike! So instead of heading to Topeka, Penny and Mike (Cody's folks) came down for Christmas Eve dinner and then Mike had to head to work so Penny stayed and went to church with us and then stayed the night. Unfortunately, Kyler decided to wake up at 4:45AM to see if Santa had come. I actually don't think he gets the whole Santa thing but he definitely wanted to open presents! Mike arrived around 6:30AM so we let Kyler open his presents from mommy and daddy then. I think I went just a little overboard with presents! The kid had so many! I probably could have just wrapped up old toys and he would have been just as happy! He just liked unwrapping them! A couple of his favorite toys are his "Shake N Go Crash Up Speedway" by Mattel. He just loves to drive his cars on it. What a life saver that has been! He also loves his Mack Track with Lightning McQueen in it and all his little "Cars" characters. Pretty much all it takes to keep the kid happy are toys that have to do with bye-byes or the movie "Cars." Hopefully girls are just as easy! The bad part is Kyler is not much for playing by himself. He is constantly asking Cody or I to play with him. It's not so easy for mommy to get down on the floor. Yesterday I was laying on the floor and had to have Cody help me up because my back hurt so bad after laying on the floor! Only two more weeks (or less!) and we will have a baby girl at our house! We keep asking Kyler if he is excited about Baby G and unfortunately the kid is quite honest and tells us no. Oye! Boy is he in for a shock!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and have a safe New Year's.

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