Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pretty Bows for a Pretty Girl

Who loves her new hair bow?? I do, I do mommy.

I ordered Ella some pretty infant headbands for her head/hair this week and they finally came this weekend! I was so excited that I started pulling out dresses to see what outfits the bows would go with! I didn't get to do these fun, frilly things with Kyler so I am really enjoying this! I have the urge to buy headbands that match all of the clothes in her closet. I would actually only have to buy pink or purple so it probably wouldn't cost all that much! When Kyler walked in and saw Ella in a dress with a bow on her head, he said, "Oh, Ella pretty mama." Isn't he a sweet big brother! Then he proceeded to take the bow off of Ella's head and put it on his head. Well, you were sweet for a second there Kyler:)

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Jodi said...

Isn't it so much fun having a little girl? I have so many plans for Olivia's hair and her wardrobe. . .I just can't stand it. Oh, and then there are the dolls and the little kitchen and the princesses. But, then there'll be the boys. Oh no.

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