Monday, February 11, 2008


You know how I thought the rolling over thing was an accident, well apparently it wasn't. Ella can officially roll from her stomach to her back. I can't believe she can do it so early! I laid her on our bed last night so I could blow dry my hair-don't worry I was watching her-but as I was watching her it looked like she was getting closer to rolling over so I yelled for Cody to come in and watch her and she rolled over. Cody then put her on the floor to see if she could do it on the floor also and she did it again. Kyler didn't roll over until he was 4 months, however, as my family is quick to point out, it is hard to roll over when mommy is holding you all the time!

On another note, Otis took a turn for the worse this weekend so I called the vet and apparently the swollen face, the weight loss, the slobber, and the tiredness are all signs that the end is closer then we would like. They did put him on Prednisolone and that seems to have really worked wonders, at least for now. Please pray for Otis, we don't think he is any pain, but to be perfectly honest I need Mother Nature to do her thing because I don't think I can put him down. It would hurt to much.

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