Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Fun

I love my new doll (and my fingers!)

I thought mommy said no more balls! I think the Easter Bunny forgot!

Yes, another one!

I am the luckiest little boy alive! Look at all my eggs! Now I just have to hide the candy from mommy.

For Easter weekend we headed to my folks house in Carbondale (yes, that is in KS). The kids were already there so Cody and I had a nice quiet ride. On Saturday we just hung out at mom and dad's house and watched basketball ALL DAY! Don't get me wrong, I like KU and K-State, but I think I have had my fill of basketball for the whole year! And we've only hit the Sweet Sixteen!

On Sunday, Kyler woke up and found out that the Easter Bunny had come to visit him and Ella. Kyler got an Easter Basket with a ball, Lightning McQueen PJ's and a book. Ella got a Precious Moments doll, PJ's, and a book. Then we went to church and then headed to my Grandparents house for lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt. Lucky for Kyler, he is the only little one, other then Ella, so he got all the eggs for himself! To bad mommy doesn't let him eat candy very often!

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