Monday, March 17, 2008

Hangin' with the girls

Rogue is holding onto Ella's hand.

Rogue, Ella, and Harleigh hanging out.

Ella and Harleigh

This weekend we all headed to Emporia to meet my parents, Adriane, Jacob, and Jennifer for lunch at my favorite eating place-Bruff's! I just love their cheddar cheese balls. I don't think Ella enjoyed them as well as I did though. Her tummy has been a little upset since then. Sorry Ella. After lunch we headed to Neosho Rapids to meet up with our friends The Toepfers and meet their twin baby girls, Harleigh and Rogue. It was great to just sit and catch up with them. We haven't seen them in several years so we have really missed hanging out with them. Ella seemed to really like having baby girls to hang out with and Kyler had a blast chasing Jet, 3, around the house and dragging his toys into the living room! I was so happy to see that all the kids were able to "play" together so well. Kyler is still asking where Jet is and if Jet can come and play so I do believe Kyler enjoyed himself! Now if we can just convince them to move to Wichita!!:)

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