Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kyler says the darnest things!

Kyler is always saying the funniest things. I want to keep track of them so I think from now on I am going to blog them. I want to be able to look back and laugh at all the funny things he says.

*Yesterday we had to go pick up Cody, and I told Kyler we had to go pick up Daddy, and Kyler looks at me and says, "Daddy fell down? We have to pick him up." I didn't think about him taking it that way.

*Yesterday I fell, and I accidentally said the "sh" word, guess what Kyler walked around saying all day! Oops!

*When Ella is crying, Kyler likes to pat her tummy and say, "It's ok Ella, it's ok." Sometimes he does this when she is sleeping also!

*One day I was cooking dinner, and Kyler started throwing a fit about something, and I said, "Oh, Kyler you're fine." He looked at me and got all serious and said, "I not fine, mommy."
*When we do Kyler's breathing treatments we go through all the animal sounds to get him to take some deep breaths. Sometimes I ask him what mommy says, usually he says, "No" or "No more balls." Today he said, "I love you." That's right K, that is what mommy says:)
*If you ask Kyler what daddy does he will tell you that, "Daddy makes the money." However, if you ask him what mommy does he will tell you that, "Mommy spend the money." In my defense, I spend the money on him and Ella!

*Cody and I really try to give Kyler lots of positive reinforcement. Apparently, it is working because now when he does a good job we don't even have to say anything because Kyler starts clapping and says, "Good job, Kyler" or "Great job, Kyler" or "Way to go, Kyler." That sure makes my job easier!
*This morning I tried to put a bow on Ella's head and Kyler said, "No rainbows on Ella head mommy."
*On Sunday I was getting ready for church and Kyler saw me in a dress, makeup, and my hair done and he said, "Oh, mama pretty." I must usually look pretty bad.
For some reason I can't get this to space out correctly, sorry it's so hard to read.

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