Monday, March 10, 2008

Mama's new wheels!

Kyler is checking out the muskrat in the pond across the street.

Today I got new wheels. Ok, so they are in the form of a double stroller but that's alright! I decided that with the weather getting nice I would finally be able to take the kids on walks, however I only had single strollers and pushing two would be rather difficult, not to mention look really weird! So off to Babies R Us I went. I have actually been researching double strollers since November so I knew exactly what I wanted, I just wasn't sure I wanted to spend that much money. After cruising around the store with the stroller I was sold. This stroller is compact enough that it will fit in the Equinox, our old car seat fits right in it, steers really well, has cup holders for myself and the kids, and Kyler can get in and out on his own. It's great. We took it for a spin tonight around the neighborhood and so far I love it.


Anonymous said...

Our travel system is the same color (French Roast)! We love it too!

The Hooper Family said... what type is it? I'm on the search for a new one...I am thinking the Joovy sit and stand. Have many friends that love them, but worried Lucy won't like it. I have Torrent, the pontiac version of the Equinox, so size is a factor!!! Let me know!

Anonymous said...

The stroller looks good and so does Kyler sitting in the front of it. Enjoyed Ella's pictures in the earlier post. Love from NZ,
Grandma & Grandpa Snyder

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