Monday, March 24, 2008

No Binkie? No Problem!

Look at me mommy, I can suck my thumb and pat my head at the same time. Now if I could just get someone to rub my tummy I would be set!

Who needs a binkie when you have a wonderful and tasty thumb at your disposable any time you want it! No matter how hard we have tried to get Ella to take a binkie she will not do it. She keeps it in her mouth for a few seconds and then out it goes. I have bought every different binkie out there and she will not take a one. Well, apparently that's ok now because she has found her thumb. When she takes a nap she sucks on her thumb so loud that I can hear her in the living room. This is probably going to come back and bite me because I can't take the thumb away, but at least it won't ever get lost!

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Kim said...

Alex was 6 before we broke him of sucking his thumb. The only thing that worked was his loose tooth. It hurt too much to suck it! It is great because you don't loose it, but we were constantly washing his hands so that his thumb was clean. I don't even want to know what kinds of germs he put in his mouth! Although Kaleb will take a pacifer, I think that he might be like Alex and give it up when he is about 3 months, because he is constantly finding a thumb or a finger to suck on!

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