Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cookin' With Grandma

Today Cody and I had to attend a class at church so Grandma Snyder came to play with the kids. This week Kyler and I have been reading a book called "Happy Birthday Ladybug" and at the end of the story Ladybug gets to eat a birthday cake. Of course that provokes a conversation about making a cake and how much Kyler enjoys cake so I promised Kyler that we would make a cake on Sunday. As most of you know, I am not a huge fan of cooking so I decided that this would be a perfect activity for Kyler to do with Grandma while mommy and daddy were at church. As an incentive to get Kyler to take a nap, I told him that when he woke up he could make a cake with Grandma. When Cody and I left, Kyler was still napping. When he woke up, he came out to the living room, saw Grandma, grabbed her pant leg and said, "Let's make a cake." Good thing I remembered to buy the cake mix huh!

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