Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ella's Baptism

Daddy, Mommy, Kyler and Ella
Grandpa Smith, Grandma Smith, Kyler, and Ella
Grandpa Snyder, Grandma Snyder, and Ella (Kyler refused to sit for anymore pics!)
Uncle Chris, Aunt Jacki, and Ella
Jacob, Adriane, (Ella's Godparents) and Ella
Great-Grandma Patton (Cody's Grandma) and Ella

On Sunday, we had Ella's baptism at our church. I bought Ella a beautiful pink dress at Babies R Us with matching pink shoes. The shoes, however, are not even close to fitting her. Despite being a chunk, she has amazingly small feet! We were very lucky to have our close family and friends attend the baptism. Thank you to those of you that shared this wonderful day with us.


Jodi said...

Ella looks beautiful. Sorry that we couldn't be there. We're going to try to have Olivia's baptism sometime in June...we'll see.

Jen :) said...

Pink...Ella...NO WAY!!! Everyone looks wonderful. Hopefully, we'll get both the kids baptized once we get settled in down there and are able to go to church more. Take care and hopefully we'll be seeing you soon with Kira here also! YEAH!

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