Sunday, April 13, 2008

Guitar Hero Anyone?

Let me help Daddy!

Is it my turn yet? No? I guess I'll just keep dancing then.

Finally, now I can show Daddy how it's done!

This weekend we headed to Emporia for a little Guitar Hero. Ok, so that wasn't really the plan but I think we did that more than anything else! We met my folks at Bruff's (of course!) for lunch and then we headed to my friend, Adriane's house. Cody was helping her fix the tile in her bathroom, so while he did that I played Guitar Hero on the Wii. Oh, and I watched the kids, kind of! Kyler was a huge help with Guitar Hero as you can see in the pictures and Ella enjoyed dancing to the songs. I think we are definitely going to have to get a Wii for mommy play!

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