Wednesday, April 9, 2008

PAT visit with Miss Kristi

You seriously want me to do what?

Kyler and Miss Kristi reading a book to Ella.

Every other month Miss Kristi comes to play with Kyler and Ella. She works with Kyler on different learning activities and they play some fun learning games. Today they worked on whole and half proportions. Miss Kristi covered a picture of an animal with shaving cream and Kyler was supposed to wipe some of the shaving cream off and find the animal. Well, apparently I have Kyler trained not to get dirty because he wanted nothing to do with touching that shaving cream! Miss Kristi ended up wiping off half of the shaving cream for Kyler because he wouldn't touch it! Even though he wouldn't touch the shaving cream he was still able to grasp the concept and did great. After she was done working with Kyler, she worked on some things with Ella. Miss Kristi and Kyler made some pictures for Ella to look at and they read a book to Ella.

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