Monday, April 14, 2008

Readin' with Grandpa!

Last night Grandpa Snyder stopped by on his way home from work to eat some waffles with us for dinner. After we ate Kyler wanted Grandpa to read him a story. We are "discussing" potty training with Kyler. I don't think he is quite ready yet, but we are reading books to him about pottying like a big boy, etc. One of the books that we have been reading is "Everyone Poops." It's kind of a graphic book and gets a little in depth about who poops and how they poop. When Kyler asked Grandpa to read him a book, Grandpa said ok and told Kyler to go pick out a book. Kyler picked out "Everyone Poops." Grandpa had no idea what he was in for when he opened the book. I do believe Grandpa learned a lot about poop after reading that book though!

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