Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Snake Zoo Class

Kyler moving like a snake.

Kyler petting the Honduran Milk Snake.

Since last year Kyler has been attending zoo class once a month at the Cargill Learning Center. At first he hated the class. It was really hard for him to transition between the different activities and I think he was a little overwhelmed by all the different kids there. He really enjoys the classes now and he seems to be learning a little bit about each of the different animals.

Today they discussed snakes. Luckily, Cody's schedule is flexible enough that he could take Kyler to zoo class and I could stay home with Ella. At zoo class today they learned how snakes moved and even got to move like a snake, discussed what snakes eat, read a story about a very hungry snake called, "A Greedy Snake", and they even got to pet a real live Honduran Milk Snake.

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