Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

My Thursday Thirteen theme for this week:

13 Reasons Why Family is Important

1. You will always have your family.
2. Your children will grow up to be great friends (especially if they are close in age).
3. Your family is your group of loyal supporters.
4. You can ask your family for anything and they are always right there with whatever you need.
5. You are molding your children for the future. The way you act and the things you do (and say or write) will be seen by them.
6. Family brings out the best in us (and the worst!)
7. Our family understands us better than anyone.
8. Nobody cares more about us then our own family.
9. The better we are to our spouses, children, parents or siblings etc. the more they will want to be better to us.
10. Grandparents are your saving grace! They will always take your kids when you need some much needed rest!
11. Your family can tell you the truth. Even when you don't want to hear it!
12. Family can always make you smile.

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