Sunday, April 20, 2008

(Un)eventful Weekend

This weekend, we did, well nothing. It was so gorgeous outside that we all just hung out at home. Sort of, on Saturday, Ella and I went shopping while Cody and Kyler stayed home. Ella and I hit the mall, Best Buy, and our last stop was, of course, Walmart. Several interesting things happened along the way. While we were at the mall a saleswoman asked how old Ella was, when I said that she is 3 months old, she said, wow she's kind of chunky, huh. No she is not, it's all muscle thank you very much! When we were at Walmart, my friend, Adriane called. As I was talking to her I looked down and realized that my shirt was inside out. It had been like that ALL DAY! Why didn't anyone tell me! How embarrassing! While Cody and Kyler were hanging out at home, Cody asked Kyler if he wanted to have some steak for lunch. Kyler's eyes got really big and he said, "Snake? For lunch Daddy?" After Cody stopped laughing, he tried to explain that it was steak, not snake. I think Kyler still thought he was eating snake.
On Sunday we went to church. We always bring some juice for Kyler to drink. Daddy got the juice for Kyler while I got Ella ready. About 15 minutes into church Kyler was bouncing off the walls. He's not usually the quietest kid in the church, but he's usually not like that. When I asked Daddy what type of juice he gave K, he said it was Vitamin Water. For those of you that haven't tried or seen the Vitamin Water before, there are all different types. Cody chose the "energy" one for Kyler. No wonder he was so hyper! The caffeine finally wore off around 1:30pm and he crashed!
Another Funny: The other day, Cody put Kyler down for a nap while I ran into town. Kyler has a really bad habit of getting up once you put him in bed. So when Cody heard him get out of bed he was all prepared to get after him, then Kyler started saying, Daddy my pants, my pants. When Daddy got a closer look he realized that after he changed Kyler's diaper he accidently put both legs in the same pant leg! Sorry Kyler!

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