Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ella-4 month well child

Today Ella had her 4 month well child checkup. She had to get several shots and take the rotavirus vaccine. Luckily, Ella loves the rotavirus vaccine so she had no issues sucking that done. She was not fond of the shots however! But then again, who is! The Dr was very pleased with her weight gain and wants us to wait until around 6 months to start cereals since she is breastfed. I may start them a little earlier though if she is ready.

Ella is getting to be a big (huge) baby girl she weighs 15 lbs 3 oz (79%ile) and her length is 24.5 inches (55%ile). I think the next time I buy diapers I am going to have to buy size 3's! I don't think Kyler wore a size 3 until he was 1! As far as her fine and gross motor skills go she seems to be right on track, if not just a bit ahead of schedule. Lately she has decided that if she is on her back she needs to roll to her tummy, then she gets mad because she is on her tummy! I hope this isn't a sign of what's to come!


Becks said...

Oh Ella is so sweet!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have been so lucky with meeting moms through my mommy and me group! I highly recommend it! It is so nice to have other moms to relate with!

Your kiddos are so adorable!

amanda said...

i have now been going back through your much in common honey!! it's crazy!!

and yes we MUST meet in real life - we might have to meet in the middle for some of those cheddar balls you talked about?? yum-o is right!!

and yes she did get over the chat and chew phase...but i swear we are always entering a new phase!! right now we are trying to figure out just how much baby food to eat?? where is the mommy how-to handbook when you need it?

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