Tuesday, May 20, 2008

First Food

What the heck are you trying to feed me, mama?

Mmmmm, fingers and cereal.

Here mommy, let me do it.

Full and Satisfied! Can't beat that!

Last night was a rough night at the Snyder House. Ella decided that she did not require as much sleep as her mommy and daddy and therefore wanted us to entertain her. I, however, was not in the partying mood. I was in the sleeping mood! Needless to say, mama is quite tired today. Due to last night's constant feeding, I made the executive decision that Miss Ella was ready to give some cereal a try. We only did 1 tablespoon of cereal for today, but I figured since Kyler had such a hard time with cereal (major constipation issues-sorry Kyler of the Future) we would just take it slowly. The first few bites she looked at me like I had lost my mind! After a few bites she sort of got into in it, but was still unsure of it. I just love those faces they make when they eat something new. She cracked me up the whole time. It probably didn't help that I was snapping pictures the whole time!


amanda said...

ahhh - look what a big girl the queen is!! eating cereal and helping with the spoon!

love it :)

and i also love that she looks at you like a big weirdo while snapping pictures of her! but seriously those first food faces are to die for!

maybe her and beans could be in mommy-takes-too-many-photo-therapy together?

ps - hope tonight you get a little more sleep!

Anonymous said...

How Cute!! THIS is a keeper! Love it!

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