Friday, May 9, 2008

Kyler's New Train Table

Remember how I said that Kyler loved the train table at our friends house? Well, I broke down and bought him one. Grandpa Snyder came over yesterday and put it together for me since Daddy was out of town. It took over two hours to put together but the table looks great and Kyler loves it. We couldn't get him to go to bed last night. We would put him in bed and he would open his door and make a run for the stairs! It was a LONG night!!
Grandpa is just getting started.

Grandpa was shocked at all the little pieces!

Kyler woke up from his nap and was ready to help Grandpa.

Grandpa, play with me!

The finished product. Look at all those little pieces. I bet those don't stick around for long!

Thank you soooo much Grandpa Snyder for all your hard work and for taking time on your day off to come down and put the train table together for Kyler. We really appreciate it!

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McMommy said...

Ohhh!! Kyler is one lucky boy!!! Matty adores a train table...he always runs straight for it at ToysRUs.

Hey...that gives me an idea...can we come over for a playdate??? :)

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