Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Last Day Of School

Miss Jacqueline and Ella

Kyler's class-this is the best picture I could get. Trying to get 8

2 year olds to sit still at the same time is impossible!

Kyler's class playing outside. Check out Cooper in mid fall!

Miss Barb and Kyler

This year Kyler has been attending "school" at our church. I got him into the program for the socialization aspect of it, not only for him but also for me. I have been lucky enough to be his teacher this year and we have met some wonderful people. Since March Ella has been attending school at church also. Kyler and Ella both seem to really enjoy it. Of course Ella wouldn't tell me that, but a mama knows! Kyler always looks forward to going to school so he can play with all his friends, he also loves to see Miss Juli and Miss Barb. Kyler is really going to miss going to school this summer, but luckily he will be able to attend next year.

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