Saturday, May 17, 2008


My daughter, the multi-tasker! Way to make use of two toys at once, the Bumbo and the Aquarium toy.


amanda said...

just lost my connection?? did you get that last comment?? i don't know if it sent?? ahhhhh

so sorry!! if you did get it, please ignore this one...

it's so crazy how fast they grow isn't it?? i totally did a multi-tasker post on beans awhile back too. it just amazes me!!

as for the tutu thanks for the tip. and since i am not exactly crafty, i will probably just head over to that site and buy one :)

but about the cute "e" and "ella" parts of the outfit...where oh where can i find them??

maybe we can just meet and you can take me shopping??

The Daniel Family said...

Thank you for the sweet comment on our blog. I do remember you and check out your blog often...your children are darling and seem to have some of the same meanderings as mine! Great to hear from you!

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