Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oh So Sweet

Doesn't she just look cute enough to eat?!

To bad I couldn't get her to smile!


amanda said...

oh my goodness - totally looks good enough to eat!!

what is it with that feeling of wanting to "eat" your babies??

thanks too btw for the "locked in" story! i can't believe you did it at school!! at a new building with a new principal?? honey i would have died!! sooo funny :)

funny now of course. not then!

Lewis Family said...

Thanks for the birthday wish, but my actual day is May 22 :) I appreciate your thoughtfulness!! It seem like so much fun to dress up a little girl!!

McMommy said...

I love little girl outfits with strawberries on them! And cherry ones too! I have no idea why...I just think they are super adorable!!

Ella is precious!!

Becks said...

What a cute it!

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