Sunday, May 18, 2008

Playground Fun

I'm almost to my favorite part-the top!

Weee, I love twisty, turny slides!

Dig, dig, dig. I hope I can find that buried treasure soon, my arms are getting tired!

Today Daddy and Kyler went to the playground near our house to have a little boy time. Before Ella came along Kyler was a TOTAL mama's boy. Now mama spends most of the day nursing Ella so therefore Kyler has been, well, forced to spend more time with Daddy. I do miss those, "I want my mama," days, however the bond that they are forming will last a life time and I love that.

1 comment:

McMommy said...

It is special to see the bond between a boy and his dad, isn't it? Matty and McDaddy are inseparable now...very cool and sweet to me!

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