Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pug Party 2008

Kyler petting one of the pugs that is up for adoption.

Mommy, there are pugs everywhere!

Mommy, that silly pug is licking my fingers. Doesn't she know that I just had those in my mouth!

(Don't worry, I disinfected her hands afterwards!)

For those of you not in the know, we have a little pug named Belle. We got Belle in March 2002 while we lived in Emporia. While Belle has not always been the most innocent pug, she is very well loved in our house. We was our first "child" and we love her dearly. Granted things have changed and she is not given as much attention as she once was since we now have children. One of our favorite things to do with Belle is to attend Pug Parties. We actually have not attended one since I was pregnant with Kyler. We always seem to have something going on on the weekends they are hosted. This year was different. We were actually able to attend. The pug parties are in Auburn (near Topeka) and are hosted by Prairie Pugs Rescue. They have all sorts of different events at the parties. This year they had a silent auction, hot dog contest, costume contest, and pug Olympics. Belle, being the poor pug that she is, didn't participate in any of the events. A couple of years ago we participated in the costume party and Belle and Precious (another pug that we had) won third place. They were a pair of pink fuzzy dice. I made their costume for them and they looked quite cute. This year we couldn't stay very long, we were meeting my family for lunch and then attending my cousins graduation party. Overall, we all had a great time. Thank you to Vicki and Dennis Dressler for all their hard work putting the pug party together. What you guys do for pugs is absolutely amazing.

Valerie holding Ella.

Congratulations Paul! Good luck at K-State next year!

(Paul was scared to death of holding Ella!)

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