Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #5

13 Things That GROSS Me Out:
(sorry but this one is going to be blunt!)

1. Pee on the toilet seat

2. Hairy Butts
3. Nose Hair
4. Fat people in little clothes
5. Underwear lines (through pants that are way to tight!)
6. Spandex!
7. Way to long toenails
8. Way to long fingernails on guys
9. Ear wax
10. That lovely dirty diaper smell!
11. Dirty cars
12. The smell of pickles
13. The taste of Cucumbers and Olives (green and black)


amanda said...

ok i'm back...sorry to bug you, but you live in derby, ks??

i just saw pictures of ella in that adorable ella outfit - so now i must know where you got it?? can i drive to wichita this weekend and get one for my little love??

McMommy said...

Pee on the toilet...ugh. Can I also add pee on the floor AROUND the toilet?


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