Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Turtle Class

A real live turtle shell-ok maybe not, but it's close right?
Look Dad, I can move just like a turtle.
I love crawling through the tunnel at zoo class.

Today Kyler attended Zoo Class. This month the animal was turtles. Kyler just loves to attend these classes and has even made a couple of friends. Unfortunately (for me-I LOVE zoo class), since we now have Ella Cody gets to take Kyler to zoo class and I stay home with Ella. In zoo class they learned what turtles eat, how turtles move, where turtles live, and what their shell feels like. One of Kyler's favorite things about zoo class is seeing the real live animals at the end of the class. Today the kids got to hold the turtle and watch it crawl around on the floor. I think Cody and Kyler both had a good time in zoo class today!

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