Saturday, May 31, 2008

We Are Back!

Hello, everyone. I am back to Bloggywood (like that McMommy?!:) I soooo missed you all! I was able to check up on a few blogs while I was gone, I didn't have time to comment or blog myself so hopefully I can get caught up on that today.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful suggestions on how to entertain little ones on plane rides. Both did wonderful on the plane. Kyler was a little naughty while we were in the airport waiting for the plane, but once we got on the plane he was great. Thank heavens for suckers!

Kyler and his new girl, Emily

In Arizona we were lucky enough to be able to go out to dinner with our friends while their girls watched Kyler. I think Kyler would have stayed with the girls all night if we would have let him. He especially loved Emily. Kyler already has a type! How sad is that! All of his "girlfriends" are always blonde. What can I say, the kid has good taste:)

For my birthday we took the kids to Enchanted Island Amusement Park. Kyler had a blast riding on the rides (even though it was 100 degrees).

Here I come Daddy. Make sure you catch me!

Ella in her cute little bikini. This is size 6-9 months and I'm pretty sure it's not going to fit for much longer.

After the Park we headed back to our hotel to play in the water park. Kyler loved the little kids pool, Mama loved the Lazy River! Ella and I could have stayed on that all day long. Sorry no pics of that-that would have required one of mama in a swimsuit and that is soooo not happening!

For dinner we headed to the Hard Rock Cafe. That is where the real fun started! Kyler was grouchy because he had not had a nap so I should have known it was going to be rough. He refused to sit down and he just kept jumping on the seat, when we told him to sit he screamed at the top of his lungs-talk about getting nasty looks!-to entertain him I took him up to the gift shop area, then he saw the front door and he started running for it-luckily I screamed STOP and he did-then our food came (finally) so we went to eat and he decided that crawling underneath the table was way more fun then actually eating at the table. Daddy and I shoveled our food in and decided it was time to get the hell out of there so Daddy tried to pick up Kyler and ended up spilling his water-EVERYWHERE! It was a very embarrassing dinner! Good thing we will never see those people again huh! See, I told you he wouldn't sit down!

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amanda said...

oh we have sooo much to catch up on!!

first of all it looks like you guys had a great time!! and your happy plane rides - well it gives me hope!

the picture of ella in the swimsuit is ADORABLE!!

just so happy that you all had so much fun!!

it really hasn't been the same around here without you!! soo very glad you are back safe and sound :)

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