Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy 5 Months!

I'm what Mama? 5 months old already? That's just crazy!

Today Ella turned 5 months old. One would think she would be sleeping through the night consistently. However, that is not the story! The little stinker sleeps until about 3AM and then she wants to eat, then she will sleep until 6 or 7AM. Honestly, it's not the middle of the night that drives me insane. I actually enjoy the peace and quiet with my baby girl. It's the next morning that kills me! I have never been a morning person and the fact of the matter is, I will never, ever be a morning person. Luckily, Daddy does well in the morning. So I get up and feed her and then when she is ready to party at 4AM he can get up with her. That doesn't work so well when Daddy is gone though! (If you ask Daddy, that doesn't work for him when he is there!)

So, despite Ella G not sleeping through the night as often as I would like, she is rolling like crazy, working on sitting up, (no she can't do it by herself, but we still like to pretend), she jabbers like crazy-I think we are going to have another talker on our hands-I have no idea where they get that from!, when she is on her tummy she uses her little legs to propel herself around in circles or to move forward just a bit so she can get a toy (sometimes her toys, sometimes her brothers), she is reaching her arms out for me to hold her, and when I go to give her kisses she leans in with an open mouth to give me a big ole' smooch.

As far as eating, she eats constantly, however she doesn't eat much at a time. She is taking 4-5 oz in her bottles, however she only has one bottle a day (at nighttime so we can make sure she gets enough to sleep just a bit longer) the rest of the time I am nursing her (and still loving it BTW!). We have kept up with the cereal and it seems to be going pretty well. She seems to enjoy eating (big surprise) and she has definitely figured out the whole swallowing the food thing. She is now a whooping 16 pounds, I'm not sure on her length though.

All in all, I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 5 months with my little baby girl. She has grown to be a very laid back Princess (finally!) and I wouldn't trade one sleepless night for anything!


Christy said...

She sounds like a joy! And a good sleeper too. My little Izzy never sleeps through the night. He usually wakes up to eat two to three times EVERY NIGHT. So, you're a lucky mama!

McMommy said...

Carter was 8 months old before he slept through the I don't think it's odd that she's still waking up to eat! I am not a morning person either so I really feel for you! It stinks, doesn't it???

Unfortunately, both of my boys are morning people...STILL. Drives me bananas!!!

Anonymous said...

Sleep through the night? They are supposed to do that? Mine did not figure that out until around a year and a half!

Kristen said...

Oh the description of your little one made me want another baby! I love the around 6 months age. Life just starts to seem so much more manageable.

Minus the sleep issues though. :( Hang in there, and I will be sending some sleep through the night vibes your way! :)

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