Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's a Beauty!

Guess who has her first tooth! It's Miss Ella Grace! She has been drooling like crazy since April so I knew a tooth had to be coming in some time soon. I was finally able to see it and feel it on Friday. It's just a little tooth on the bottom in the front. I can't believe my little girl is growing up so quickly. I haven't "officially" decided if she is my last baby, however, if she doesn't slow down I might have to have another one.
Who has their first tooth?

I do, I do Mommy!


McMommy said...

Heather!!! I missed you tons!!! Welcome home to Bloggywood!

Funny that you wrote this post...because I just did a post on Carter's teeth!

Kristen said...

How cute is she?? And a tooth?? awwwww!

So nice to "meet" you and happy 30th birthday!

Hope you had a fabulous time in AZ!! That's actually where I live! :)

And the suckers on the airplane? What a GREAT idea! Note to self, pack a BAG of suckers! :)

Anonymous said...

Teeth already! the girls have been drooling and chewing since the beginning of May and we still have nothing. Glad to hear your trip went well and Happy anniversay!
It'll be 5 years for us to in October. It's amazing how time flies.
We miss you too, hopefully we'll be able to meet in Emporia again sometime soon. We'll actually be there this coming weekend...


amanda said...

honey welcome home!!

i sooo missed you!!

love, love the new tooth!! beans is still in the toothless department. can her and ella still be friends??

Becks said...

So sweet! Congrats Ella!!

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