Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's A Daddy's Day

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband.

Why is he wonderful? Because.....

He's not embarrassed when he has to carry a pink piggy.Is always willing to share his popcorn.

Loves to cuddle.Doesn't mind just hanging out.

Enjoys being kinda goofy with the kids.

And, most importantly, he wasn't mad because he got a new washer for Father's Day:)

Happy Father's Day Honey. We are so very lucky to have you.


Happy Father's Day to my Dad.

Thank you for always believing in me-even when I didn't.

Thank you for always trusting me-even when you shouldn't.

Thank you for always loving me-even when I made it rather difficult.

Thank you for being a wonderful Father and Grandpa.


And, last but certainly not least....

Happy Father's Day to my Father-in-Law.


Jodi said...

Hey, I know that hallway in the first picture! Love the pics. Hope you all had a great father's day

Anonymous said...

What a great tribute to all the wonderful dads in your life.

And that looks like one beautiful washer!

Doodlebug said...

Very sweet post about hubby. This is my first time visiting. I have really enjoyed it! Your kids are TOO TOO adorable.

I am a SAHM too! I do have a little side business designing blogger templates if you are ever in the market! :)

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