Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's Real Life

Jessica, over at Farm Fresh Iowa, is hosting a "It's Real Life" Party.

I have to take pictures of

curb appeal

junk drawer

place where I blog

fav piece of jewelry

best feature

How's this for curb appeal? Doesn't that just make you want to come right inside? No? Well, how about this....

Is this better? This is the walkway up to our front door. Go Hornets. (Not Gorillas Amanda!!)

Yikes! I MUST clean out the junk drawer!

This is one of my favorite spots in the house (other then my king sized bed that is!). I blog here, I nurse here, I pump here, I rock Ella to sleep here, I watch TV here.... Get the picture! I LOVE this chair!

I don't wear much jewelry. Not because I don't like it, I love it. However, when Kyler was about 4 months old he discovered that he also liked it and would always yank on my necklaces. I have discovered that Ella enjoys this little game also so now I only wear two pieces of jewelry, my wedding ring (above) and my mother's ring.

Hey Dad- Quit reading now. Um, yeah, thanks.
I asked the hubby what my best feature was, and guess what he said-yep, you guessed it, since I am nursing Ella, my, um, chest is quite endowed. Since I don't feel all that comfortable with putting those on the internet-I am so NOT Paris Hilton, I decided that everyone seemed to comment on my teeth on this post and since I feel a lot better about putting those on the internet, here is a picture of me showing off my lovely teeth!
Thanks for all the wonderful comments-I was thinking about whitening them-you guys saved me money-my husband thanks you for that:)


amanda said...

love the real life.

boo hornets :)

The Mom said...

You are so beautiful and that first picture is so sad :(

Kristen said...

I just love the real life posts!!

Maybe I should join in at some point??

Ok, so to the teeth! Seriously dear they are amazingly white! And that picture of you is just fabulous!! I LOVE IT!

Great post!

Michael and Shelly Ryan said...

You are very beautiful. That first picture is so sad.

gina said...

Am i the only one who thought that first picture was funny? I guess my thin's a little thick what with four kids and all.

Yup, your grin is great- your hair is pretty fab too BTW.

Heather said...

Is it horrible for me to say that the first picture cracked me up!! Maybe becuase I have so meen there!!

You are amazingly beautiful!!!

Becks said...

Gorgeous mommy!! You do have perfect teeth! I would consider doing this post BUT that would mean I would have to take a picture of my weeds and empty flower baskets and more weeds..and my junk drawer, I take it to a whole new level of junk!!

I want your chair!

Shannon said...

Yes, I love the teeth for sure!!! And I kwym, my boobs are so nice and big these days, but I'm not about to post a picture of them, lol. I like your multi-purpose chair :-)

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

That spot is great! I SO need a laptop. NEED.

I think your whole head is a best feature ;-) So not kidding.

Your little boy. CUTENESS. even in tantrum. I take pictures like that to remind myself of the real life--and it doesn't get much more real than that! (I did think it was funny too, because I SO can relate)

Joy said...

You and your family are BEAUTIFUL! I loved the Mother/Daughter rings! I should sooooooooooo get some for my cuties.

Thanks for sharing your real life! Loved the little face in the window (that's what my kids look like if I go outside without them, too!)

Christy said...

My junk drawer is WAY worse than your's. My junk drawer, makes your junk drawer look organized!

Anonymous said...

Great list.

I love the first shot- it is exactly what both my kids look like if I attempt to step out the door to get the mail.

Anne Elizabeth said...

Nice to meet you!
I love your blog design. My husband would have said the same thing about my best feature if I had asked.;)

Lewis Family said...

Great teeth, but why would you need to whiten white? My husband was exactly opposite of yours, he was scared of that "feature," while they were functioning!!! LOL

Jenn said...

Nice pics,love the one with the little one in the window!

Jen said...

I love these "real life" posts! Is it totally mean that the first picture cracked me up? I'm coveting your teeth. You definitely do NOT need have them whitened!

Amy said...

Love the pics! You're gorgeous!!!

My hubby feels the same when I am nursing (of which I just finished Wed) Luckily when I asked if he was "sad" they would be back to "normal" he assured me he loved me just for me (besides he met me like "this") lol...
Thanks for sharing!

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Love the real life pics! I agree with whoever said that your whole face is a great feature!!! Seriously, you are so pretty!

McMommy said...

That chair looks sooooooo comfy!!! If I ever come over to visit, I'm making a beeline for that chair!!

And can we talk about the PERFECT TEETH??!?! You are beautiful and the teeth are like the icing on the cake!!!

Love the Real Life posts!!

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