Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Today Kyler had Cow zoo class. Usually it's set up in the Learning Center and today they had it in the Petting Zoo section of the zoo. I have to admit, it was pretty cool. Kyler seemed to enjoy it being outside and learning about the cows, however, he was ready to pet those cows!

Kyler petting his stuffed cow.

Cool, this is a real cow's skull.... and now we will be washing your hands.

Sweet, a real calf! And now we will be washing your hands again!

I know exactly how this cow feels!

I promised him, that if he was a good boy in class then we would walk around the zoo and check out the animals. He did awesome in class, so I kept up my side of the deal. He was a very good little boy while we walked around looking at all the animals. The pictures tell it all!

We walked over "The Sonic Bridge."

Kyler calls this "The Sonic Bridge" because of the colors. I think that means we visit Sonic WAY to much!

We fed the ducks.

We ate at the new Beastro.

Kyler got a new souvenir cup-he was VERY excited about this!

And when we got home, this is how Grandma dressed Ella. Yes, her poor pants are on backwards! My poor baby-now do you see why I just can't leave my kids with anyone else! Apparently nobody else can dress them as well as their mama!


Jenn said...

How cute! Least she will lay on her belly my little fella freaks out after two minutes when I put him on his. Looks like your son had a fun day!

Kristen said...

Oh my goodness how cute is Ella with her pants on backwards!!

I am constantly telling my mom too, that Anya's diapers need changed every so often. They aren't the cloth ones like she used to use! :)

Looks like Kyler and his Mama had such a great day. How fun for you to be able to spend it with just him! :)

Happy Wednesday Friend!

Christy said...

Ha! That picture of your baby girl is too funny! Poor grandma and poor baby. It must have been hard getting those pants on backwards!

amanda said...

poor ella :)

and how funny that kyler calls it the sonic bridge!! maybe we can meet there soon and share a route 44??

Jen :) said...

I want to take Hunter to one of those classes at the zoo. When are they and do I need to register him for them? Fill me in with some details! :D

McMommy said...

The backwards pants are hilarious! Maybe she's starting a new fashion trend!

Looks like Kyler had the time of his life at the zoo with his mama!

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