Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pool Time Fun

Last week when my mom was visiting she bought the kids a new pool and a new wagon. We have been enjoying the wagon every night as we take our evening walks.

The pool, however, was still in the box. Not because it's been to cool for the pool, nope that's not it, it was more because I don't know how to work the air compressor and I'll be damned if I'm blowing it up by mouth. Sorry kids, I love you, but apparently not enough!
Yesterday Daddy got home a little earlier than normal so he was nice enough to get the pool out of the box, hooked the compressor up to it and then put some water in it. Kyler couldn't have been happier. But boy was he ticked when Daddy dumped the water out last night!
It's a little chilly mom!
Well, maybe it's not so bad after all!

How freakin' adorable is Ella in her little bikini!

Weeeeeee, this itty bitty slide is pretty cool!

Come on mom, get in here!

Check out Kyler's ribs! Damn, he's a skinny little thing!

Come on Belle, hop in!


The Mom said...

Fun photos and that is an adorable bikini!

Jenn said...

Looks like they had fun love the swimsuit and the hair on your little one!

Jen said...

Looks like fun! My son looks like he never eats when in reality he really has seconds at every meal. Oh, how much do I wish to have his metabolism!

Kristen said...

First, Ella is ADORABLE in the swimsuit! I LOVE IT. Her thighs, oh, just too cute!

And it looks like Kyler is having just so much fun too! What a great family activity.

Hey, and don't feel bad. I would not have gotten the pool out either. No way you can explain why you are going to blow it up with your mouth to a 3 year old. NO WAY!

Jen :) said...

They are too cute! Looks like they had lots of fun!

I'm hoping to get the pool out this weekend when people are here to help! I can't wait! :D

Tammy said...

That bikini is so must be so fun to have all the cute girly stuff!

Thanks for adding me to your blog list! :)

Christy said...

Your pool is way cooler than my pool! Looks like fun!

Becks said...

How fun!! LOVE Ella's leggies!!!Love the chub! She also has great style and love her bikini.

Beth said...

Our pool stays blown up in the garage all year long, I'm with you, no way would I blow that thing up by mouth.

Cute pics

McMommy said...

I'm so happy you had a better experience with your inflatable pool than I had (remember that??)!!!

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE Ella's little swimsuit??? She is truly a bathing fashion beauty!!!

And Kyler looks like he is having the time of his life!!

I love summer!

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