Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Here is proof that I am officially an old lady:

This is what my hubby got me for my 30th birthday. A day at the spa.

Apparently, the wrinkles are getting to him-so he set me up with a facial.

I'm a little to stressed- so he set me up with a massage.

My toenails and fingernails are just out of control -so he set me up with a pedi and mani.

And my hair is getting a little crazy- so he set me up with a haircut.

I secretly loved all of it. Don't tell him though:)

My Mother in Law got me a rocker, because all old ladies love rockers, right?

And my mom got me a GPS system, because everyone knows that your memory is the first thing to go and she was wanted me to be able to get back home:)

To bad this can't help me remember what I was going to do when I came into this room!


The Hooper Family said...

Hope you had a great birthday! The spa day sounds great!! And you'll love the GPS---it does come in very handy!

Becks said...

Happy 30th Birthday! You scored some awesome gifts!! The spa jealous! LOVE the rocker and a GPS ..I so need one of those. I get lost so easily. I think turning 30 worked out pretty good for you.

amanda said...

would it be wrong if i said congrats on becoming an old lady??

bc i kinda like your gifts! can your husband share his secret with my husband??

and for the record i think you look sweet in your old lady rocker :)

Kristen said...

OK, if that is what you get to be an old lady, than COUNT ME IN!!

What wonderful birthday gifts, and way to go hubby!!!

And you do look just fabulous on the rocker with your little one!!

Too cute!

Becks said...

I thought I posted a comment..I must have messed it up! I think becoming an old lady has it's perks. Hello spa package!! Good job husband!

Anonymous said...

That spa days sounds wonderful. I guess I am old...

American Mum said...

I'm with Kristen, if that's what you get to be an old lady, I want in!

The Bouvier Bunch said...

A day at the spa sounds wonderful!!

I am an old lady too. However my gifts were not as great as your. Totally jealous.

Happy Birthday!!!

Mamasphere said...

All you're missing is that little hand held recorder so you can remember where you parked your car!

McMommy said...

Ohhhhh!! Each present was better than the last!!

p.s. I am in love with that rocking chair! It's so beautiful!

Happy POW, you old lady you! :)

Becks said...

Are you still in post birthday bliss?? You should head on over to my place where an award awaits you!!

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