Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Way To Tired

I am SOOOOO tired today. Why, you ask?

Because of this little bundle of joy:

and this little bundle of joy:

How is that I require lots of sleep, yet I have children that do not?
Ella was up 3 times last night and Kyler was up once. Kyler hopped in bed with me, Ella woke up, he looked at me and I said do you want to go back to your bed, he said yes mama, carry me please and that was the last I heard from him until around 7:30AM.

Ella, however, decided that 4:30AM was play time. This is killing me. Daddy is out of town until Wednesday so I am on my own. Daytime is fine, even the evenings aren't to bad anymore, the middle of the night thing without Daddy is what is hurting me.
Ella was doing pretty good at sleeping through the night. She would go to bed around 9PM and wake up at 5:30AM then fall back to sleep for a couple of hours. This little routine only lasted a week though. Some probably has to do with her tooth coming in, some has to do with getting hungry, (she is still only taking 4 ounces at a time-more then that and she pukes it all up) and I think some of it is just plain habit. I admit, I HATE to hear her cry, after a few minutes I break down and go in, nurse her, and put her back to bed.
So, I need some help mommy bloggers. What do I do? How do I get this little bundle of joy to sleep through the night? It MUST happen soon!!


amanda said...

oh i sooo feel you.

beans started sleeping through the night awhile back. then stopped. i too can't handle the crying. not so much bc i can't listen to her cry, but because i just know that nursing her will get her (and me) back to sleep faster than letting her cry it out.

and just when i was at my end last thursday (remember dqa) she slept through the night. and has every night since (knocking on wood. hard.)

i am sure it won't last - but i am enjoying it while it does. my new thoughts on the subject...if she sleeps, great. if not, she won't be a baby forever so i should just enjoy it. (even if my eyes are closed!!)

hugs friend - can't wait till daddy is home :)

Becks said...

I so understand your pain!! I have no idea what the magic potion is. Sophia has weeks that are complete hell in the sleep department and other weeks that are glorious. I wish i knew the trick. I think all in time they will figure it out. I know it is soooo hard to hear them cry. I hear that method works...I am just too much of a softy to try it. At least your hubby helps out. Mine only does on the weekends. As you read Sophia was really sleep challenged at Ella's age too. I remember most days feeling like a zombie!! Good luck and I hope tonight is better for you!

Lewis Family said...

I hate to say it, but I had to let Cade cry it out, and it was the hardest and best decision I made. I felt VERY strongly that he had to learn how to learn how to self soothe with out nursing. (And I nursed him until his 1st birthday.) I read an online book by Dana Obleman at, http://www.sleepsense.net/, that REALLY helped me out. She breaks the book down by the baby's age, so you are not treating a newborn like a one year old or having the same expectations. It was an excellent book, I followed everything except I still let Cade have a pacifier to sleep. I can honestly say that when Cade has to cry, and sometimes he still does, he is fine the next morning and loves me just as much. And love him more becasue I am not tired!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather,

From a Grandma Blogger: I think I remember those times--you think it will never change. Yeah, it will! Right now, you do wonder.

This elderly advice: Enjoy (and I am sorry that Cody has to spend so much time away--he is missing things, too!)---they will grow up, you will still love them--and worry about them--and think that if they were there, you would know how they were and what they were doing!

Let's see---what would Dr. Spock say???? I think they do get in a habit in their ways---just hang on, it will change. I think when Ella gets on solid foods, she will do better. They thing is that she gets good and full when she eats. ('Course then you might have another problem, huh?)

Well, Kyler, he will get better. I remember that every night, in the middle of the night, he would be standing at the railing of the bed and be a squalling. We finally put him in another room (I guess with Gary) and believe he slept better.

Take your vitamin pills to keep your energy up, set up and read a book ('course that would put me to sleep!). Heck, that might be the time I am awake---I am usually awake for a couple of hours around 2:00!!! HELP! What's the matter with me? They says it's the age!!

Love you all--even the little pestering kids!!

Hang in there--

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