Tuesday, July 29, 2008

100 Random Things About Me

1. I am a perfectionist.

2. Before kids my house was always nice and tidy.

3. After kids, not so much.

4. I am so tired of looking at toys all over my living room.

5. I love watching my kids play with aforementioned toys!

6. Because it means they are happy.

7. I LOVE Diet Pepsi.

8. I love Reese's Peanut Butter cups.

9. I was a strict vegetarian for 10 years.

10. When I got pregnant my body craved meat. I settled on chicken.

11. I still eat chicken, but that is the only meat that I will eat.

12. I hate cooking.

13. Cody does all the cooking.

14. I love eating!

15. I would like to lose 10 more lbs.

16. I love breastfeeding.

17. I am very sad to quit breastfeeding.

18. I cry about it often.

19. I also cry about other things quite often lately.

20. I am tall. 5'10 to be exact.

21. My favorite color is pink.

22. I am very close to my parents.

23. I talk to my mom several times a day.

24. I am very close to my mother in law.

25. I talk to her at least once a day.

26. I do not get along with my sister in law.

27. I love my brother and sister very much.

28. I love my Coach purse.

29. Unfortunately, I carry a diaper bag most of the time.

30. I like to wear heels.

31. I don't like to wear shorts.

32. I love wearing capris.

33. I am obsessed with buying clothes for my children.

34. I hate working outside in the flower beds and gardens.

35. I hate bugs.

36. And weeds.

37. I love my children more then I love myself.

38. I would do anything for my children.

39. I wore braces for 5 years.

40. I have horrible eyesight.

41. Without contacts or glasses, my vision is 20/200.

42. I hope my kids don't get my eyesight!

43. I have a huge stock of cloth diapers. (I like Bum Genius All in Ones the best)

44. Oddly enough, I enjoy washing them. There is something oddly satisfying about having clean diapers.

45. I taught Special Education for 6 years.

46. I enjoyed teaching.

47. Some days I still miss it.

48. I am currently working on my Master's Degree in Teaching.

49. That will be put on hold here pretty soon because...

50. I have Melanoma Cancer.

51. I am stubborn.

52. I can be a real bitch.

53. I am very upfront.

54. I tend to be more negative then positive.

55. I am trying to become a more positive person.

56. I love to get mail.

57. And comments.

58. And email.

59. I am constantly hitting refresh to see if I have new email.

60. Reality TV makes me happy.

61. My favorite reality show is Survivor, or maybe Big Brother, or America's Next Top Model. Oh I can't decide. I love them all.

62. I am not a morning person.

63. I secretly enjoy getting up with Ella in the middle of the night.

64 . But only once. More then that and I get a little grouchy!

65. Sonic is my choice of fast food.

66. My brother still calls me "Heavy" because he couldn't say "Heather" when he was little. (He is 24 now!)

67. I just turned 30.

68. I was very upset about turning 30.

69. In the grand scheme of things, I don't really care that I just turned 30.

70. When I am sad or depressed I shop. For my kids usually. Maybe that's why their closets are bursting at the seams!

71. I love pugs.

72. We used to have 2. When Kyler was born they wouldn't stop fighting so we had to find a new home for Precious. That sucked.

73. I can curse like a sailor.

74. Especially if I'm pissed!

75. We try to attend church every Sunday. I have to ask for forgiveness for my sailor mouth!

76. My husband is very similar to my father.

77. I am very lucky to have wonderful males in my life.

78. I like to make lists.

79. I try to keep our movies in alphabetical order.

80. They never stay that way long. Thank you Kyler.

81. When we were trying to pick a name for Kyler we had a list of 21 to choose from. Cody went in one room, I went in another and wrote down our top 5. Kyler was the only name that was the same.

82. Our original boy baby name was stolen from a certain family member.

83. When we were choosing Ella's name we did not tell it to anyone.

84. Ella's name changed several times.

85. I love both of the names that we have chosen for our children.

86. I think, after all of this chemo, I may want to have another child. (Gasp!!)

87. My babies are my strength right now.

88. Think how strong I would be with 6 kids running around! I kid!

89. I would be done at three.

90. We couldn't afford more then three.

91. Remember, I love to buy them clothes.

92. I can't stand it when men wear sweat pants. It grosses me out.

93. I drive a silver Equinox.

94. In about 4 years it will be all mine.

95. I love Mexican food.

96. Taking baths scare me.

97. Don't worry, I take showers.

98. My bathroom must be clean.

99. I love my husband.

100. I am addicted to blogging!

Is anyone still here? That was a lot of uninteresting things about yours truly. I am sooooo sorry that I bored you all to death. Please forgive me.

And.... in the words of Becks , Peace out Homies.


Bex said...

Nice to meet you!

I like women who curse, for the record. I'm not sure why. And I'm also not sure if that makes me bad or not. Fortunately, I don't really care.

Having kids really is amazing, isn't it? I never wanted them until I turned 30 and then all hell broke loose. Now I have three and wouldn't have it any other way.

Have a great day, Heather!!

Jodi said...

Oh, we have so many similarities! I too am a perfectionist who hates cooking, am close to my parents, hate to wear shorts, love capris, hate working outside in the garden, LOVE my children, wore braces, have a teaching degree, love to get mail, comments, email, not a morning person, didn't like turning 30, and am addicted to blogging. Okay, I'll stop there. Hee hee

Beth said...

We have so many similarities! I loved this post! I am not even sure if I could come up with 100 things!! Love it!

The Hooper Family said...

I think I could have said at least 1/2 of those about you! Glad you haven't changed too much :)
I just told my mom the other day about "someone" stealing the first baby name.

Ohh..and I secretly enjoy getting up with Laney ONCE a night too. but shhhh don't tell, b/c I like to complain about it too! But that is the only time I usually have where it is just the 2 of us!

joannalh@msn.com said...

You don't know me but I found out about your situation from another blog. I also have a 6 month old daughter (and a 6 year-old) and I can't imagine the strength it must take you to get through each day. I wanted to let you know I will pray for you to fight this thing and beat it. Your beautiful kids deserve to grow up with their mommy! Hang in there! Your faith and the support of all your family and friends will get you through!

Katie said...

I was just curious which type of diaper you decided on?

Beav's Wife said...

We have a lot in common...I'm especially interested in how you transitioned back to eating chicken! I've been a strict vegetarian for about 14 years...I've thought about trying meat again but don't know if I could do it!!! I craved chicken when preggers but never tried any!

Tammy said...


I loved reading things about you..I love your sense of humor! You are too funny! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I like to think it's spelled Hev-E! And sometimes Hev-E Wev-E

-Adam Hadam

Christy said...

I curse a lot too. And I never cook. And I am 5'10". Are we twins or something?

Mamasphere said...

That was one of the best 100 lists I've ever read! I didn't want to stop once.

I'm off to go look up what an Equinox looks like.

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

Don't know how to get back to you on your diaper question so I hope you check this.

We are currently using BumGenius All in One diapers and we love them.

I have tried out a few others and like the Happy Heineys. But overall I am completely satisfied with the Bum Genius AIOs.

Hope you give them a shot.

They are cute and so much better for the environment. Not to mention, it really does save you money in the long run (and I love that! It means I can buy more clothes for my kids!!)

Kristen said...

I am constantly checking for new email too!!

I LOVE it Heather. That was so much fun, and truly we have lots in common.

I too talk to my mom several times a day. I really thought I was the only one. Glad to know I am in great company!!

Hoping all is going well this week. I am taking a break sort of. As soon as my reader shows you have a new post, I am right here reading. :)

Chelle said...

Heather, we are a lot alike my friend :)
I hate mornings, I love mail, I am always refreshing my e-mail, I love blogging, I curse like a sailor, I love my little girl, I love shopping...and I could list many many more :)
I want to try out some cloth diapers, too...I am off to go and check them out!
Thank you for the list, sweetie! I loved learning all of these things about you!

THopgood said...

It's nice to "meet" you. I mosied on over here from McMommyblog. We have a lot in common. The 2 that stick in my head are 1) I also curse like a sailor and 2) My kids' closets are OUT OF CONTROL!...actually, it's not the closets but ME that's OUT OF CONTROL!

Although, I don't know if we can be friends due to you being a Diet Pepsi girl...I'm a Diet Coke gal myself.


amanda said...

pretty sure my 100 would be almost exactly the same!!


crazy :)

happy 100 friend!!

Andrea said...

i swear we could be f-ing sisters :)i love to swear and its so bad. when i walk into church i have to remember where i am and edit my mouth!
i have a coach diaper bag and i am in love with it. its a sickness...
i too am sad ( stupid medical stuff)and i just got back from the mall. the gap is having an amazing sale! super cute kids stuff for cheap and i found long jeans on clearance. i too am tall!!

Patrice said...

I love the story about how you picked out Kyler's name, and what a great name you both chose! I have to admit these 100 lists never appealed to me, I thought it would be way too much info to read and it would be boring, but I was not bored once! I loved learning more about you!

Anonymous said...

RE: #46 - We are so glad you enjoyed teaching. We enjoyed you as a teacher/tutor. Tray asks about you often, he (we) were so luckly to find you. Ok he also asks about Kyler and Belle but he is 9 so don't be jealous. : ) Marci Bell

Kerry said...

Very well done. Loved the stream of consciousness. Jodi and I are a lot alike. Jodi is a lot like you. Therefore, you and I are a lot alike! Although I don't like to curse. Um...I think my nose just got longer. Damn.

Jenn said...

That was a great list! Some of the things are the same as I will put on mine, some are not. I hope you had a good day!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Great list! I'm short and I love to cook but I still think you are pretty cool :)

Leslie said...

Heather I missed this post the other night. I guess I was tired. I too love blogging, love emails and comments. And am in love with my children and can't stop shopping for them. Especially shoes. I buy lots of shoes for them! lol~ love your list. It's nice to get to know you! ;)

Wendi said...

I am sitting at 98 posts.
In two days I will post my 100th.
With the exception of one or two things...I think I could just copy and paste your 100.
Would that be alright?
It would sure save me a lot of typing and thinking.
Congratulations on reaching 100!!!
Loved your list!

Clare said...

Heather, just got done reading your 100 things and I probably have half of those that are the same. I secretly heart reality TV and breastfeeding. But, don't tell Chris because I loved to complain about it and getting up in the night! XO, Clare

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