Friday, July 11, 2008

Flashback Friday

This week I haven't done a lot of posts about the kids.

Bad Mama!

So in order to catch everyone up on what my precious little ones have been doing I am going to do a "flashback" where I show what we have been up to this week.

My parents bought Kyler this "jumpy, jumpy" for Christmas. However, due to the rain and the heat he didn't know it even existed, until last weekend that is! Daddy finally got it out for him to play in and boy was it a great day!

My folks even came down to join in on the fun!

Kyler enjoyed a little boxing on the Wii. His new record-8! However, I'm pretty sure Daddy helped him out on that one!
We watched some Dora the Explorer! What would I do without my beloved Dora!
We attended Music and Movement class. Kyler enjoyed pretending to be different animals.
We took nice, long naps! Well, Belle did anyway!We picked a big ole' squash out of our "garden."
And then we fed it to the duck!

And best of all, my baby girl is starting to crawl-yikes!!

Thanks kids for such a fun and exciting week. You did an excellent job of keeping mommy's mind off of everything! I love you.


Kristen said...

How cute are your two little ones!

Bouncy house, Wii, and crawling. My goodness you all have been busy! :)

Super cute picture of you and Kyler feeding the duck too!

Hope you are able to relax this weekend with your family. We are all still praying your great news!

Mamasphere said...

You have your jumpy house! And a garden! You get long naps, the stuffed animals get fed, and there's Wii and Dora for digital entertainment. Your house is the place to be!

The Hooper Family said...

So glad you have so much going on to keep your mind off of things! Just keep focusing on the positives and all the support from your friends and family! Let me know if you need anything!

Christy said...

I am a little jealous of the crawling thing. I wish Izzy would start crawling already!

rmgales said...

Great pictures. My grandson is crawling, pulling his up, and taking small steps. You have something to look forward too!

Carol said...

Yay for you have two to run after!

At least you'll be fit!

Shannon said...

GREAT pictures Heather - they are so cute!!! (Belle too!) I love the squash - it looks so yummy, good for you for growing a garden . . . delicious. That bouncy thing looks pretty fun, my kids would have a blast in it for sure!

I think David has swim trunks just like those green ones Kyler has!! Cute!

Anonymous said...

My daughter loves Dora! She walks around saying "vamononos amigos." It's really cute. Hooray for crawling. My 6 1/2 month old is starting to push forward too. Can't way to see her crawl. Cute pic!

Jen said...

I don't know what I would have done without Dora during the toddler years. My kids ADORED her and that gave me a 30 min. break.

Cute pics!!

thetoepfertimes said...

Oh, Jet would be SO jealous of the Jumpy!! Looks like everyone is getting so big, I love that Ella is watching Dora, fortunately we don't know who Dora is yet, we're still into boy shows... I don't know what we're going to do when dolls invade the house :)

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