Monday, July 7, 2008

Need Some Advice

I am thinking about giving cloth diapers a try.

We are spending $40 a week on diapers and it is just killing the budget! It doesn't help that diapers are expected to up by $2 a box at the end of July. Not to mention that the thought of all those diapers just filling up the landfill is kind of bothering me. I am trying to be more green and cloth diapers would definitely be a step in the right direction.

Since I don't see the boy getting potty trained any time soon, sigh, I am thinking about trying cloth diapers on Ella. She will obviously be in diapers for at least another year and a half so spending the money on the cloth diapers is worth it. I am hoping Kyler will be potty trained at least by December (BTW-any tips on potty training a little boy that is scared to death of change??!!) so spending the money on cloth diapers doesn't seem like a good investment for him. They are not cheap!

My question to all of you is, has anyone tried and fallen in love with any cloth diapers out there? What about absolutely hated any? I am thinking about giving these cloth diapers a shot:

Bum Genius
Happy Heiney's
Fuzzi Bunz


The Hooper Family said...

Check out the pampers deal at baby cheapskate. link is on my blog. I am stocking up! You couldn't get me to even think about cloth..eewww. Plus, Kev couldn't do it, so I'd be the only one changing and that wouldn't be fair!

amanda said...

oh how i wanted to be this mom. i have researched and researched. even bought us a box of gdiapers.

they are still in the box.

would love to know though if u actually make the leap!

Clare said...

Hi Heather! We use gdiapers for the most part, and then I buy disposable for nighttime or when we are away and I don't want to bring the gdiapers with me. They are really cute, and soft on Bradley's skin. We have a well and septic system, so we actually don't flush our inserts, but they decompose in like 60 days or something. Way, way better than disposable. Hope this helps! XO, clare

thetoepfertimes said...

Oh wow! We considered cloth for about 2 seconds with the girls, then the girl that worked for me came back from maternity leave and said it was awful! I don't know first hand, but she said the liners ended up being expensive, and the laundry was ridiculus, she ended up doing a load everyday not because she didn't have enough diapers(she had 70) but because that was the only way she kept them from staining and/or stinking!
I have no good advice on that, we just buy diapers when they're on sale and with coupons, but it's worth it for me.
As for Kyler, it really helped Jet to be like daddy, and everytime Andy went Jet went and watched and tried to go himself. After a couple of weeks of watching he wanted to be big too! Also, I took him out and let him pick out a bunch of his favorite character's on underwear and really stressed how we had to keep them clean or we wouldn't be able to keep them. So he had to go in the potty or put a diaper back on and be a little boy again. It worked great, he really wanted to be big like daddy!
Good Luck!

Kristen said...

Oh, I just could not do it. Sounds great, but so did not have the time.

Let us know how it works out for you! :)

Lewis Family said...

I'm with you, I would love to use cloth diapers too. I think the liners are a great idea, but yes, the laundry, soap and water bill might sky rocket. I wont be able to try it until winter, keep us all updated on your choice. (I love to be "green" too, canvas bags at the market, we don't buy water bottles, recycle, etc.)

Boy & Girl said...

Hey Heather,

Sorry no help in the diaper department, but so glad you stopped by my blog. Love the name and oh how I love pugs! Do stop back by.

Anonymous said...

Grandma speaking!!

Now you know, I know what cloth diapers are! Raised 3 kids with them. An extra chore but I know we couldn't have afforded the throw-aways in those years! I admire to think you are considering doing this---maybe cloth ones on Kyler would train him sooner!!!!!! And think how nice that extra money would be. It would be easier to do it now with bathroom stools, etc. like now, and not as I started out--no bathroom, but a big bucket to rinse as soon as removed, then put in a diaper pail (hopefully with a deodorizer in the lid!---(if they have them anymore.) With automatic washers, it wouldn't be so hard to keep the supply washed up. Now did you want to hear all that---believe me, easier now-a-days than 'back when'! And think what you could do with the extra money---maybe buy groceries, as that price is going up, too!! Or a cruise!!

Did you want this advice????

Love your pictures---are they cute or what?!!!




Becks said...

I say good on ya to switch!! I wish I had advice to give you on what to try. But I am guilty of using Pampers!

Good luck!! Let us know how it goes!!

Anonymous said...

Cloth diapers were the household staple in our house, and I put all six of my kids through cloth. 1981 through to 1992.

I folded them in a triangle shape, fastened them with safety pins--one on each side near the hip area, then pulled a pair of rubber pants on over top of everything when I was done to keep wetness in.

When change time reared it's ugly head, I'd whip off the rubber pants with a quick one--two motion, unpin the diapers, clean the baby up, apply a fresh clean diaper with pins, and pull the rubber pants back on over top of the freshly changed diapers again. It was a repeat performance that happened umpteen times each day.

Double diapers for night-time, triple diapers when travelling in the car, and no rubber pants when diaper rash would strike.


MO Mom-Bo said...

Heather -

I did cloth for both of my boys (now 7 and 4), and I LOVED them!! I only owned one FuzziBunz (it was a gift), but I sewed my own all-in-one dipes. The new generation of cloth usually work just like disposable, only you wash them. No pins, no plastic pants, and the waterproof covers are often breatheable so there would be less diaper rash. We also ditched the disposable baby wipes and used cheap white washcloths and a homemade baby wash solution which was much more gentle (and we kept it warm in a wipes box inside the wipe warmer!). If you want any info or just want to pick someone's brain, please feel free to email me!

HUGS to you and the whole family!
stldolsons @ att . net

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