Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This is Why...

This, my friends, is why I am going to kick cancer's a$$...

Our week has been filled with many firsts:

Ella woke up around 2:30AM the other morning. I went in to check on her and found her STANDING UP in her crib. Of course she used the side to pull herself up, but holy smokes, she wasn't supposed to be doing that quite yet!

Ella has decided that K's toys are SO much more fun then hers!

We gave green beans a shot. Did Ella likey, you ask? Ummm, not so much! The sweet peas went much better.

Ella also said her first word, and guess what it was. I'll give you a hint, it wasn't MAMA!

But oh well, Kyler's first word was mama so I guess it's ok that Ella's was Dada!

We meet up with a friend and played in the playhouse at McDonald's. This was only the 2nd time Kyler has done this. The germs totally freak me out. I am just going to have to relax on this.

My babies are growing up so fast.

I'd be lying if the thought of not watching them grow into adults didn't totally freak me out.

I am a strong person and it's because of my kids that I am that way. I get my strength from them.

I know that I can do this. I also know that it is not going to be easy. I've always been the kind of person that looks for the easy way to do things. I'm not lazy, I just figure if there is an easier way to do it, then why not use it.

There is no easy way around this. I am going to be miserable.

Thank you to all of you for your words of encouragement and your "virtual" hugs:) You may have to give me a swift kick in the butt when I start to get negative over here-k?


Wendi said...

Those look like the best reasons in the world to me!
You. can. do. this.

amanda said...

it really is the freakiest thing ever isn't it to walk in there and see them standing!! it's like who came in here and stood up my baby!!

love all the big moments and firsts from the past week!! and you are right, this is exactly WHY you will kick a little cancer a**


Kristen said...

You are right.....YOU ARE GOING TO KICK cancer's A**!

Seriously friend so glad your week was filled with so many firsts. Soak it all in!!


The Mom said...

What a way to cancel out that other stuff for a while. Enjoy these firsts and moments, they do go by so fast.

You are allowed to have down moments, we all are, it's real and necessary. It's okay.

We'll be here for you cheering you on! If you need some help kicking A$$ we'll be here!

Chelle said...

Aw, look at her standing up! It's unbelievable how much they change so quickly, right?!
Looks to me like you have some AMAZING reasons why you will kick this cancer out for good, girl. We'll be here during the good times and the bad, (((hugs))) and prayers through it all, sweetie.

Kerry said...

You will get plenty of virtual "hugs" and "butt kicking", but don't forget: there are those of us who live near enough to provide the real thing! Beware! :-)

Great pictures!

Jenn said...

That is so great she is doing all those things! You are right all the reasons you will ever need are right there in your home !

Christy said...

I am super impressed with all of Ella's skills. She needs to come to my house to show Izzy how to do some of those neat tricks!

Keep fighting mama!

Anonymous said...

Very impressed with your daughter standing up so early. My little one took quite awhile to do that.

Thanks for the post. It made me smile when I really needed one! Hang in there. We are all so praying and cheering you on in conquering cancer!

Shannon said...

Great pictures!!! She's so adorable (they both are) - I can't believe she is standing - she looks so much more "grown up" like that - wow! Glad you got some inspiration and strength from those gorgeous kids this week . . .

Anonymous said...

Great series of shots and memories. I can't think of a better reason to fight!

Tiffany said...

I didn't get a chance to comment on the last post - So sorry that you have found yourself faced with this battle. Remember that it is just that... a BATTLE. You can conquer this and you WILL conquer this and you have the three most valuable reasons in the world to do so.

Hang in there and feel free to email me if you want to bounce things off of me from the nurse perspective.

You are an amazing woman and there is no reason that you cannot be victorious - Yes, there will be days that you may want to just "roll over" but you have the strength and will summons the strength in those moments to remember your reasons to WIN!

Becks said...

Wow Miss Ella is so on top of things!! She needs to come over here and teach Miss Sophia her tricks!!

Anonymous said...

AWWWE! I knew ella would be standing before long she is such a strong little girl! I'm glad that there are firsts happening to make you smile :) I have no doubt that you will kick cancer- hang in there :)


Jen said...

I'm not a big fan of the McDonald's Germ Zone either. YUCK!!

My foot is here whenever you need it. Just give me a holla'.

Clare said...

she is growing up and soooo cute! You WILL do this Heather! XO, Clare

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