Friday, August 29, 2008

One More

I only have one more week left of this type of hell.

Then begins a whole new type of hell.

After next week, I will start shots three times a week for the next 11 months. I am not happy about this. Come to find out I will have to go to the Dr's office and wait.

I have two little kids. I do NOT have the time to sit in a Dr's office 3 times a week for the next 11 months. Can you imagine? I am so mad about this. I have a Dr's appt next Thursday and I will be discussing alternatives with him. This is just not going to work.

I have already asked about giving myself the shot at home and my insurance will not cover it. I asked about home health care, my Dr won't approve it. I asked about having the shots at my family physicians office and my Dr won't approve that either.

Surely my Dr understands the difficulty of this, he has 7 kids after all! Maybe his wife would come over and watch Kyler and Ella and I will go have the shots!

This whole thing just irritates me. I haven't been able to enjoy my kids for the past month. Now I have to take even more time away from them. It's just annoying.

I keep trying to tell myself that it could be worse, but it's hard to do that. Especially with all this anger I have towards cancer and myself. If I would have gone to the Dr last summer when I first saw this spot I wouldn't be going through all of this. I kick myself for that. I should have known better. I definitely know better now!

I hope that you all will learn from me. If you have something that you are unsure about go, Run, don't walk, to the Dr. Just get it looked at. I don't want you to have to go through this. It sucks!


Katie said...

Surely you and the DR can come up with some type of plan. That would be hard 3 times a week to have to go up there. But if it comes down to it you go up there and take care of yourself.

I don't see why having someone come give you the shot or at your family DR would be such a big deal. The DR should understand that and not be so hard headed.

Jenn said...

I'm sorry the doctor is being such a dick ! He should be more willing to help you do what's easier for you. However just because he has 7 kids doesn't mean he knows anything about what it is like to be with them all day and still try to do everything you need to do. Too many guys get up go to work and then come home eat and do whatever and really have no clue what it's like to raise kids,I bet his wife would understand ,what and why you are asking though !
Who knows maybe you guys can come up with something that will make things easier for you!
Hope you have a nice weekend ,I'll be thinking of you and your idiot doctor !

Cindy said...


You are doing so well...I can only imagine how hard it is.

How long will each shot appointment take? It IS a pain in the butt, but if it means getting to spend a nice long life with your kids, you know it will be worth it. Inconvenient? Definitely! Worth it? Definitely!

Do you have a picture of what your spot looked like? I really don't know what a melanoma spot looks like.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea. It would hard on you the first time but take the kids with you the first time. Train the children that when they see the man in the white coat to run after him and hold onto his legs. Make sure they have a marker in their hands when they grab hold of him. Probably after that, he will be happy to discuss other alternatives.

I do hope something can be worked out! Yay, one more week!!!

Chelle said...

What a pain, girl. So sorry the doctor isn't being more cooperative with you.

I hope a better plan for you will come about. Surely the doc can figure something out?

Jamie said...

Hey. Couple of thoughts....

1. I wish we lived closer and I would come over and watch your precious little ones in a heartbeat!! My little ones and your little ones could have playdates and you would be through this horrible time before you know it!

2. I know you are angry...but you are also an inspiration. I called last week and made an appointment for a skin cancer screening at my dermatoligist office. YOU will save people you don't even know because of your battle and the courage you have to share it with all of us.

3. I'm rooting for you...always.


God is meeting ALL of our needs! said...
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Stacey said...

Hi Heather, I found your blog through my great friend the Blissfully Happy Housewife. I am praying for you, and I really mean that. Your strength is amazing and inspiring!


Stacey said...

The deleted comment was me, I was signed in under my other blog. sorry!

Wendi said...

Hang in there girl!
We are all behind you.
Thinking of you and praying for you and your family.

Christy said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the doctor will be more accommodating.

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

OK, first, I was just about to send you an email saying YAY, only one more week! You are 3/4 of the way there!!!!

As for the shots, I'm sure if you keep being a squeaky wheel (and hey, bring along some squeaky little ones if you need to), they will figure something out. There is absolutely no reason why your insurance shouldn't cover you doing the shots yourself at home. Look at all the people doing fertility shots, etc. Sounds to me like the doctor might be looking to book more visits, if you know what I mean.

Don't give up, and don't beat yourself up - you have already done FAR too much of that yourself. It is so easy to play Monday Morning Quarterback, but you know what? Life happens. And as someone else commented, you are a true inspiration to others. Think about people living with cancer who find out they're in the final stages and don't get a chance. You, my friend, have someone looking out for you. Someone who knows how much her husband and kids need her, and how much she deserves the MANY years of life ahead of her!

Happy Friday, cheers, and enjoy the long weekend!

Kelli @ "Writing" the Waves said...

I know it is such a pain to take the kids to the doctor's office...

Could a couple friends maybe switch off watching your kids once or twice a week? Then you'd only have to take the kids with you once a week. I'm sure they would be happy to help.

I know you must be feeling discouraged...but you are inspiring others that read your blog. And you will get through this!!!

My husband had a skin cancer scare a few years ago...luckily it was only a basal cell carcinoma & they were able to get it all, but he still needs to have regular check-ups.

But you know how men are...he hasn't done it. I told him about your situation and it has made him realize that he does need to get checked out. He's supposed to be scheduling an appointment this week.

If he doesn't, I will.

I hope you can get the shot situation worked out so it's not such a headache for you. :)

Susan said...

I hope you are able to find a solution to this frustrating and terrible problem of the weekly shots. Hang in there! We are all praying for you!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

There has got to be some solution. There just has to be!
Thinking of you on this final week :)

amanda said...

i think wendy has a brilliant idea!!

and if that doesn't work you know i am more than willing to drive down as often as needed to help out!!

amanda said...

I hope it can all work out so YOU are comfortable. I get so frustrated when the last person who gets any sort of treatment is the patient.
And thank you for the reminder. I have been meaning to go to the DR. since my mom was diagnosed but I still haven't. We never think it will happen to us.

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