Saturday, August 30, 2008


Oh Kyler. You are my payback.

Payback for all those times when my parents wanted to sell me.

Payback for all those times I mouthed off.

Payback for all those times I argued.
Payback for all those times I snuck out.

Payback for all those cars I wrecked.


Your Grandma has said to me numerous times, I can't wait till you have a daughter just like you.
The one that is just like me is not my daughter, but my son. You are the one that absolutely MUST get his own way.
You must have everything nice and orderly.
You must have structure.
Timers must be set and limits told or else a fit will be thrown.
You proved that last night.
I set out your PJ's to wear. Apparently, those were not what you wanted to wear. You just HAD to wear your orange pants. So when I wasn't looking you went in your room and put on your orange pants and a shirt over your PJs.
You do NOT get your fashion sense from me, just your attitude!
You then proceeded to throw a fit because I would not let you have ice cream until you ate all your dinner.

That fit led to some much needed time on the naughty mat.....

You will probably never know how much I HATE to put you on the naughty mat. It breaks my heart every time. That doesn't mean you don't need to be there though. I can't wait until your days of throwing fits is over, but until then get used to that darn naughty mat little man!


Anonymous said...

awwe... kyler. :)
Oh I can only imagine how hard it is to put him there... I guess we (kyler, you and I) agree adam should go to the naughty mat though for shoving cake up my face. Kyler your not alone... ha!

Christy said...

For the past few years, I have had a calm and peaceful and loving child. But lately, she has turned into a little DEMON. Ugh. She cries and SCREAMS and demands things. Very frustrating.

Chelle said...

Oh, no! I am sorry you had to put him on the mat. It's so hard to discipline our own.

Hope it gets better and I've always heard that the "payback" is true...yikes. I'll be in a lot of trouble with Bella!

Jenn said...

Ahh, I have had a nice break from time outs and such,now they will soon be upon me again...whoo hoo !
I just can't wait !

Don, Shelley and Izzy said...

Thank you for the laugh! He is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had a tough night while you don't feel good. All of us mamas do have those days. You are in good company!

Erica said...

Poor Kyler, how hard it is to be a kid, eh? He's pretty darn cute though, even when he is upset!

Shana said...

You are not alone, TRUST ME :) I think the 3s were harder than 2s!!!

chris said...

How funny. I think we all get our little paybacks from our kids. :)

Mamasphere said...

My mom's wish for me to have a kid just like me came true on the first shot! It's great AND awful, lol. There are never any dull moments, that's for sure! And a lot of time on the naughty step.

Andrea said...

How funny but so cute all at the same time!

Jamie said...

It's so hurts us more than it hurts them sometimes. We are dealing with the fit throwing too!!!


Ann(ie) said...

*sigh* I feel your pain. I have a feeling that will be my Ben!! I'd better get a sturdy naughty mat. Good Luck Mama!

amanda said...

I think I have one of those, but she's my husband's payback. And I get stuck with her all day. So not fair:)

Wendi said...

I think that is what my Cole is.
And my Claire.
And Chase.
Oh no...payback is hell!
I should have been better!

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