Monday, September 22, 2008

A Challenge For You

I am not a big fan of saving money.

Spending money? Yes.

Saving money? Not so much.

I love to buy crap. Little things that I don't really need but absolutely must have. You know, like those Halloween kitchen towels that could just change my life. Or another dress for Ella. Or one more picture frame. Yes, I am that mom. The one who can't stop spending.

Since being sick I have had a lot of down time and a lot of time to think. I am going to challenge myself, and all of you guys if you want to participate, to cut back on the little things.

Every Monday I will post how I saved my family money this week. It doesn't have to be much. Just some. This is going be a huge chore for me. Spending money is just a really bad habit of mine, but with two birthdays and Christmas right around the corner I am going to have to cut back.

So, here is how I saved money this week:
1. I sent Cody to the grocery store. Trust me. This saved us big!
2. I cancelled the extras on our phone-nobody calls us anyway!
3. I cancelled the extras on the cable. I just can't cancel the cable and DVR quite yet. I still love them.

Future Saving Money Goals:
1. See about combining cell phone packages.


amanda said...

i am all over this friend.

already canceled cable all together.

hubs cell phone is paid for by work, but we still have a family plan one phone for him and one for me. and since he doesn't need his phone at all, i steal all his minutes. and it's waaayyyy cheaper than me carrying my own plan!!

Merrie said...

Alright, I'm up for this challenge. We've been pretty worried lately, and anything would help. I'm going do what you did with the phones. We're hardly ever on the main line, so why pay for call waiting? Anyone who needs to reach us can try the cell phone. I will see about cutting it down to the bare bones.

Great idea -- I'll look forward to more suggestions!
*note that I did not offer to give up HBO. I'm just not ready for that yet.*

Jenn said...

Good for you ! We just spent over 200 on the baby's new seat but that's a need. If I would stop eating take out we would save big time...I just need to do it!
Sending the dh to the store is good,he just gets what I tell him and never extras like I do.

Jen said...

I got rid of the phone extras a long time ago. My caller id is the answering machine. I screen my calls and only pick up if I hear a voice that I want to talk to. If you don't leave a message that is your problem, not mine. :)

I think I would get rid of directv if my husband would go for it, but I would have a really hard time letting go of my tivo. Most of the shows we watch are on the basic channels, but we never watch them when they come on. He would never agree to giving up his precious ESPN. Ugh! Although I'm pretty frugal, I'm looking forward to reading what you are doing because you may think of something I wouldn't have thought of.

Dana said...

Ok, anyone who has read my blog recently would have seen my post on Dave Ramsey. If you're not familiar with him, go to and find a radio station to listen to him, he's great, and free.

Plus I'm going to be having a giveaway for his Total Money Makeover book really soon (they are sending me one Yay!)

So on to the point. If you use credit cards (in general), you can easily save money by not using them and using cash instead. It's a proven fact that people spend 12 to 18% more money when they use a credit card (as in on each transaction), just because it doesn't have the feeling that cash does.

Sorry if I sound preachy, I've just been there, and the Dave Ramsey plan works!

Christy said...
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Christy said...

I have a problem with spending money too. I went to Target to get milk today, and ended up spending $75!

Wendi said...

I think I am up for this challenge!
We all need to cut back...Christmas will be here before you know it!

Mamasphere said...

Oooh, this is a great idea. I'm always trying to save money. I'll try to mentally track what I do this week and join in the next time you ask.

3boys247 said...

Count me in!

A few years ago, we cancelled the cable too, we have VERY basic stuff only now. No ESPN, I know I am a horrible wife.

This month I purchased grocery store gift cards from our church, thinking when the gift card is gone, so is the grocery budget. It worked pretty well.

I also make the boys pick which hot lunch days they would like, (they can only pick a few) then they bring cold lunch the other days. They used to do hot lunch every day.

This will be fun. I love a challenge. I really enjoy shopping too. When it wasn't the mall, then it was the grocery store. It didn't matter. This will be a good way to keep us all in check. Thanks!

Merrie said...

It turns out I can't do much with our phone bill, BUT, I did decided I could go without HBO. Cancelling this week. $12 back to me!

Shannon said...

Sounds like those are great steps! We have been on the budget bandwagon for a few months now, so I'm all over learning new ways to pinch a few pennies!! I'll be sure to post some of my ideas too.

A good way to save money is the basics around your home - turn off lights, unplug stuff you're not using, dry clothes on a line instead of in the dryer, keep home colder/warmer to cut down on heat/a/c . . .

Becks said...

You have met your match with the Queen of spending money on useless must haves!! In fact I just came home from a shopping trip where this very thing happened!!! I need help! So I am going to take your challenge my dear!! I just need to be tied down and not let out of the house! Lol

cancersucks said...

I am up for the challenge. I have been eating lunch at home instead of buying something while out and about. I am feverishly tagging and organizing old kids' clothes, toys, etc. to sell at a local rummage sale. No Target visit!

Lisa said...

So true! Everything is so flipping expensive right now, and it's not getting any better any time soon!

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