Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ummm, yeah, about that...

One of the blogs that I read tells you when and where you can get the best deals on diapers, formula, and all things baby.

This weekend they did a post on the Top 10 Most Worthless Baby Items.

Sadly enough, I own or have owned most of these!

#10 Diaper Pail (Genie and Champ) Check-although I don't use it. It's in the attic. Packed away. Let me know if anyone wants it.

#9 Shopping Cart Cover Check-Just bought one. Seemed like a necessary thing with Ella. Apparently not so necessary with Kyler.

#8 Boppy Nursing Pillow Check-Couldn't really use this to nurse, at least not when they were first born because I am to long. They were too far away from my boob, however, after my surgery this worked out quite well because Ella was bigger.

#7 Infant Shoes Check- Although I never really put them on her.

#6 Hanging Diaper Stacker Hey here's one that I don't have!

#5 Bumbo Baby Seat Check-love this! Never had one with Kyler, but loved it with Ella.

#4 Baby Robe Check- Never really used this either. In fact, I think I gave it to my sister. One more useless thing for her to not use-you're welcome little sis:)

#3 Crib Bedding Set with Bumpers and Quilts Check-of course you need this! Everyone needs this.

#2 Wipe Warmer Check Still use this, although I don't think it is plugged in.

And the most worhtless thing of all?

#1 Bottle Warmer Sweet, one more that I don't have! I wanted one though. The one I wanted was just to expensive for my taste (and budget!)

So does anyone else agree that some of these really are necessary?


Tara said...

The bumbo seat was a must have for us. We used it instead of a high chair due to our small living quarters. Genie Diaper pail, have it, use it, still doesn't take away the princess's poop. Some of these things are must haves, I agree!

Anonymous said...

How can you not have crib bedding and bumpers? What nesting, pregnant woman can resist?

And my diaper champ had seen almost five years on continuous use.

Jodi said...

Okay, two items that I wouldn't do without are: Diaper Champ and Bottle Warmer. The diaper champ contains odors very well and the bottle warmer warms up the bottle quickly and to just the right temperature. Boppy nursing pillow works well to help with assisted sitting. I will agree, however, about the infant shoes, baby robe, diaper stacker, bumpers and quilts, and wipe warmer. I think the Bumbo Seat is a great idea. That one kind of has to do with baby's preference. Olivia never really cared for it. Fun list, though.

Kelli @ "Writing" the Waves said...

I used my Boppy ALL the time, but not really for nursing. I used it to prop the kids up, for tummy time, extra support when they were learning to sit up...that kind of thing. I did use my diaper genie for awhile, but it was a pain and it was kinda stinky. Mine is in the attic too. :) And I did the whole bedding set thing...couldn't resist that.

Jamie said...

Yes, I loved the Bumbo seat and I also loved my Boppy. I didn't use it to nurse, but when my little ones were newborns and I was holding the in the cradling position frequently I would wrap it around my waist so my arm could rest on it. I used it ALLLLLL the time!!!

The diaper genie, pail, champ, etc was useless for us. We ended up just walking the diaper out to the trash.

I also found a diaper bag to be worthless for me. I lucked out because large purses were "in" at the time and I just stuffed what I wanted in there.

Leslie said...

I would say the same about the diaper pail. I owned a Bumbo, and it was great. Had a boppy pillow, it had it's uses. Crib bedding, necessary. I did not own a wipes warmer or a bottle warmer. All the rest I'd say yes to. (minus the diaper pail of course) :)

Wendi said...

Um, yea...I have most of those items and most of course are worthless.
I can't imagine not having crib bedding. What nursery would be complete without that?
I must admit I loved my wipe cold wipes on those sweet bottoms.

Sally said...

I have most of these, too.

I never really used my boppy...I have the opposite problem, I'm too short waisted, and the boppy was too big. I LOVE the bumbo chair and the Diaper Champ is a COMPLETE necessity for me - there's NO way I'm walking out to the trash can every time I change a dirty diaper. I'm just starting to use the shopping cart cover, and I love it, too.

I don't have the wipe warmer, bottle warmer, or hanging diaper stacker, and I think I'm fine without them.

Interesting list.

christy said...
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Mamasphere said...

The first time my husband unloaded the diaper champ and walked to the garbage with the long chain of diaper clumps trailing behind him, we decided it was best to dump the dipaers directly into the bin. I love remembering that site, though!

And I LOVE my boppies! I used them to prop up my daughter when she was tiny, and we still use them now for reading.

Christy said...

I disagree on the boppy. I couldn't live without mine. SERIOUSLY! Honestly, I don't know how people nurse without boppies.

chris said...

I loved my boppy when I was nursing my son. And we have a diaper genie, although we don't use it correctly. We just fill it and don't "twist" the bag in between. It seems to keep the odors out just fine and we use less of the plastic.

Jami said...

I agree that many are useful! You must have the Crib set...and at least two months before the baby actually comes! My youngest is 2 and I still use my Diaper Genie. I used my Boppy limited...not for nursing (because I didn't do that), but when the boys were learning to sit up.

amanda said...

baby robe - didn't need, but love anyways. beans actually has two! i mean how cute is a baby in a robe!!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree that some of these are really necessary!! How could you not have crib bedding & the cart cover. The amount of germs on shopping carts is just gross so I can't see not using one of these. Those boppy pillows you could probably do without but they sure do make a nice arm rest.

amanda said...

I love this post because all of us moms are admitting the absurdity. I bought a ton of infant shoes; never used them.
I received a lotion warmer once and I took it back. Since then I didn't find the need for a bottle or wipe warmer either.

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

These are worthless?? Crazy! I loved my diaper genie! Loved my boppy too. And who doesn't have crib bedding?? Seriously!

The wipe warmer I admit was kind of worthless. It dried the wipes out half the time before I could use them (sometimes they'd turn this icky brown color!) and actually peeled the veneer off my changing table (from the heat and moister). Ack.

Anonymous said...

The diaper genie is in the basement. But, we do use our shopping cart cover. Like you, I have most of those minus two.

Becks said...

Check check check..i have most of these too!! Love the bumbo, love my diaper genie, love baby shoes...wish i had the wipes warmer and the bottle warmer! I love crap what can I say!

3boys247 said...

I love this post. I was laughing while I read it. My "baby" is now four so perhaps I have a little distance to laugh at the silliness of it.

I wish I had back the money I spent on the quilt, although it looks great hanging from the wall...where it has been for four years.

Or the bumper pads, stuck in the top of the closet taking up valuable space.

Or the boppy, that was fun for about a week.

The diaper pail, I never figure that out, it was hubby's job.

I believe the bumbo seat was recalled recently. Never had one.

Thanks for the laugh. I forwarded the post onto my sister. Her little baby has shoes for every outfit : )

Hippie Family... said...

oh gosh, we don't ever warm bottles.. I would be in big trouble if that were the case. we use our fake boppy a lot, and the bumbo sometimes but she's too tall and likes to pull herself out of it.I agree with the diaper champ, we use ours too much. Never used the robe we have, or shoes (ever) we love our bedding so much I am trying to think of something to do with our bumpers now that they are being used as a ramp... :D
cute blog, came to see your swap items!

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