Saturday, October 25, 2008

Good Times

Oh, how Ella loves her some apples!
Yummy in my tummy!
Yep, those are the bites that Ella took out of the apple!
This weekend my Dad came down to play with the kids. Kyler's favorite game to play with Grandpa was to roll the rolls of tape down the driveway. They played this "game" for hours!

Every now and then the tape would roll underneath the car and Kyler knew to go get the broom out of the garage and use it to get the tape out.
He also knew that he had to put the broom back before he could play with the tape again!
I trained him well:)
Now, if I could just get his daddy trained!


The Hooper Family said...

Lucy has the same outfit...I love it!!!

Christy said...

Izzy loves apples too. He will chomp on an apple for hours! It is the best baby toy EVER.

Shannon said...

SO cute!! I love the tiny bites out the apple . . . how good of her to dig right in :-)

Chandra said...

I came across your blog via The Nugen Family Adventures. You have adorable children! I just wanted to say how corageous you are in your have SO much to live for, children, husband, makes "the fight" so much easier, if there is such a thing. Good luck with everything and I look forward to seeing all your adventures!!

Mamasphere said...

I find apples that look like that all the time! Gabi insists on eating it whole, but then abandons it after a few piddly bites. Drive me crazy, lol.

I buy tape just for Gabi. Hours and hours of play time!

Wendi said...

That apple looks exactly like the ones Cole leaves around here.
The tape game sounds fun...I may have to steal that idea.
Hours did you say?

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