Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Baby

Our good friends just had a beautiful baby girl on August 30th.

Due to mommy not feeling well and the kids having snotty noses we had not gone to visit.

While the kids were at Mom's Day Out this week I went to see the gorgeous Brynn Taylor. (Doesn't her name sound famous?!)

She was beautiful. Simply beautiful.

It even made me want another one!

Some day.

Sleeping Beauty Brynn
Big Brother Carter in his awesome outfit:)
Mommy Phoebe and Baby Brynn-how awesome does mommy look-she just had a baby!

Me and Brynn


Mamasphere said...

The new mom looks great, but YOU look amazing!

Christy said...

That baby girl is gorgeous!

The Mrs. said...

my goodness talk about a head full of hair! Shes beautiful!

Becks said...

What a gorgeous girl is right!! Her name does sound famous! Yes it makes me want another one too..they have powers over us those babies!!

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