Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Suckers Rock!

Kyler's newest thing is to scale the counters and get into the cabinets to get out candy.

I have debated getting rid of the candy, but, well, I really like candy so that plan was quickly forgotten. Now I just hide it:)

The other day he got into the sucker bag and he dropped one on the floor.

I didn't notice.

Ella did though.

And she decided to eat it with the wrapper.

After watching her for awhile I decided to be a nice mommy and take the wrapper off.

Then she really enjoyed it!

Kyler didn't get a sucker until he was almost 2!

I guess you could say I have relaxed a little!

I love suckers!
Thanks Mom!
Suckers Rock!


3boys247 said...

Suckers do rock! I just filled up our cookie jar with a big bag of Dum Dums.

Take them on long car trips, sucking on suckers = no constant bickering with siblings.

I remember not allowing our oldest to have Hotwheels cars until he was three, thats what the package said after all. I too relaxed with the other kids.

Chelle said...

Lol! It looks like she loves it! I may need to invest in some suckers!

Christy said...

I tried to give Porgie a sucker a few months ago, and she didn't really understand how to eat it. She kept pressing it to her lips - goofy kid.

Kristen said...

How cute is Ella??

And yes, it is amazing what you will let baby 2 do that number one would have NEVER gotten to do! :)

I guess it sucks that I was the oldest!

andreawilliams said...

Sucks are my parenting weapon! If I am at a long Drs visit I stuff my diaper bag with sugar free ones. Its like a babysitter on a stick!

amanda said...

you mean when babe number two shows up i will finally relax?? thank goodness :)

Becks said...

How fun! I need some suckers now!

Jenn said...

Cute pictures,bet she loved that!

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